Guide to Austrian Men: What to Expect in a Relationship

Austrian men are hot and attractive. Their bodies have slender, fit appearances because they love sports and the outdoors. Many girls have fallen in love with them because of their sculpted macho jaws and dreamy blue eyes.

But what to expect from a relationship with an Austrian men? This is what we’re going to talk about in-depth in today’s article.

If character is as important as appearance to you, it is comforting to know that Austrian men also meet those criteria. But we’ll also share what traits they value in a lady. 

Continue reading this guide to men from Austria to learn what to expect for your Arnold Schwarzenegger-lookalike (although, truth be told, most have little in common with the legend). 

What Are Austrian Men Like?

Austrian man guide

You’ll be happy to know that, despite several exceptions, Austrian guys generally have excellent qualities. Let’s start with their most admirable traits. 

Men from Austria are punctual

Punctuality is highly valued in Austria. You can count on an Austrian man to always be on time for his dates. Sadly, this trait is lacking in Italian men (who do have other advantages, as discussed in the article about them).

This also means that a man from Austria will likewise expect his date to be on time. So, if being on time isn’t your strongest suit, you might not find them a good fit unless you’re willing to change. 

Austrian guys like to organize their dates in advance. Therefore, they don’t encourage drop-ins or unexpected visits either.

Everything has to be discussed in advance, and once a meeting is set, it remains set in stone and punctuality is expected from both parties.

They Have a Reserved Nature

Austrian guys are reserved (sometimes falsely appearing borderline shy) and value their privacy. They tend to take time to open up and express themselves, so don’t mistake their aloofness for lack of interest. 

At the same time, fact that Austrian men are direct and hate mind games is one of their best quality. A trait they share with German men, too.

Austrian men have no trouble showing affection in public despite their reserved character. When he falls in love with you, you’ll probably find he will kiss and hold your hand public, as there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this behavior.

If he has strong feelings for you, don’t be shocked if you meet his family early in your relationship. Unlike in other countries, he doesn’t consider meeting his parents a big deal.

He might randomly invite you to visit his parents or meet them casually at a neighboring restaurant. 

Men in Austria Prefer a Stylishly Comfortable Dressing

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Austrian guys dress in a classic, elegant way. However, they don’t waste a lot of time and effort on this and go for what nowadays would be called a “casual” dressing style.

While stylish, comfortability matters a lot to them too. So expect them to be aid-back and stylish at the same time, not expecting too much from you either.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up for the occasion or pay attention to what you wear. They do like to see a bit of care coming from their dates, but it’s not something they value a lot – when it comes to them or their potential romantic partners.

When going out with an Austrian man, dress elegantly but conservatively. Add some elegant accessories to complete your appearance. 

Always expect Austrian men to arrive polished and well-groomed. An Austrian man will have his hair neat and a well-trimmed beard.  

They Are All about Their Traditions

Austrian men place a high value on their impressive Austrian culture and tradition. If you want to maintain a relationship with him, be prepared to participate in any traditions he likes.

Therefore, prepare to attend family gatherings, especially around cultural holidays like Christmas and Easter. 

They also enjoy commemorating milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. Your man anticipates that you will prepare for his big day and that he will also do the same.

They value family as well. Austrian men are devoted to the woman they love and are happy to assist with household tasks and child care.

So, despite the fact that they are all about traditions, they’re not traditionalist in nature and open-minded instead. This is a good thing and something not as often seen in their neighbors, men from Hungary, for example.

They’re really chivalrous

When you date an Austrian man, expect to be treated like a queen. He will pull out the chair, hold the door open, and assist you with your coat. Chivalry’s not dead in Austria and trust me when I say that you’ll end up loving this type of behavior!

Sure, he might not be as exotic as Venezuelan men are, but you’ll still get to appreciate him a lot.

Prepare for him to pick you up when he invites you out, and even be ready to surprise you with a small gift like a flower or a chocolate. Nothing fancy, but still proving that they care.

An Austrian man will treat you with good manners, politeness, and old-fashioned gallantry. He also likes to pay for the first date. Tell him, though, if you’d prefer to split the bill – it won’t be a deal breaker! 

What Do Austrian Men Like in a Woman?

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Austrian men love women who are a little reserved and traditional. They might even be turned off or discouraged if you’re too pushy, flirty and dressed to impress (as in high heels, mini skirt and tons of makeup).

In other words, think something along these lines: they prefer something like a more traditional Malaysian girl to a really outgoing Colombian, for example. I’m obviously talking here about behavior, not actual nationalities.

But despite all these – and as surprising as it might sound, single Austrian guys won’t often approach you unless you actively encourage them. So look at him, smile and give him all the hints you know are needed to let him know you’re interested too.

When he comes up to you, avoid small talk. Men from Austria are not into small conversations. Therefore, don’t bore him with minute details of your day at the spa!

He will find you even more attractive if you can have enlightening conversations with him.

Show interest in a cause that matters to him. Share your opinions on current events and other exciting subjects. But don’t go into really sensitive topics like politics and such – at least not so soon.

After all, a woman who can communicate clearly is what an Austrian man desires. Be honest about your feelings and thoughts.

Don’t go around in circles expecting your man to understand what you want to convey. Any indications of your manipulative nature, and an Austrian man flees.

Check this guide out – it is the best when it comes to learning everything about keeping your Austrian man near you no matter what. Read it to understand how men work and how to keep them happy (and yourself too!)

Wrapping Up

Respect is the most crucial quality that will make you popular with an Austrian man. You also get a gentlemanly, fashionable, and punctual man. 

If you’re patient, a little reserved, honest, and avoid small conversation, you’ll be able to win over an Austrian man more quickly. 

Therefore, attend social events, join meetup groups, and try your luck using online dating apps to find your ideal Austrian man. 

And if you have your own stories to share – or additional thoughts you’d like to add, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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