Guide to Men from Panama: What to Expect in a Relationship

Panama, the exotic, tropical Latin-American country is one of the most cosmopolitan countries right now and ladies are drawn in, for all the right reason, by the amazing Panama men.

And that is exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s article, where you will learn everything about men from Panama and what to expect from a relationship with one. Spoiler: You’ll like them A LOT!

Just like the weather in the country, Panamanian men tend to be on the warmer side: fun, loving, energetic, extroverted and self-confident. Expect lots of public displays of affection when dating a Panamanian!

Let’s dive into the insights I’m about to give you, and whether you are in Panama for vacation, just visiting, or you’re planning to move to Panama, or you met a Panamanian elsewhere; I´m here to bring you all the inside scoop.

So if you are looking to date a Panamanian man, or already met one, this guide is for you!

What’s it like dating a Panamanian man

young Panama man

Men from Panama tend to be very expressive and outspoken. If they like you, you will definitely notice. They all have their hot blood running thorough their veins, just like men from Venezuela do.

They can be very visual, and they have become used to seeing the fashionable sense of style Panamanian women frequently exhibit.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be all flashy and all dressed up to get their attention. As long as you have a great, outgoing personality, they will love you for who you are.

Although, truth be told, they do like the Dominican type, or the more European Polish girls type. In other words, if you CAN dress to impress, do it!

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Men from Panama are more traditional in nature

Family plays a very important role in the Panamanian culture. Most single men and women live with families until they get married, or until they decide to move in with their partners.

It’s not unusual to see Panamanian single men living with their parents in their 30s.

They also value their family’s opinion about you, so they might introduce you to their family sooner rather than later to get “mom’s approval”.

Once their family gets to know you and like you, be prepared to become official!

Panamanian family

Your connection to his family will be crucial, so get ready to see them on a weekly basis and embrace the love.

Although Panamanian society still adheres to traditional gender norms, the good news is that most men from Panama know how to cook and will want to impress you by cooking for you (but not ALL the time!)

Still, for the most part, it’s these traditional values that stick and women might still be expected to handle the household chores, while the men are considered to be the providers.

The man usually pays

This also comes from their traditional values. The man from Panama always pays the bill after a date.

A Panamanian man will pay for dates when you’re getting to know him, and they like that! Don’t feel strange and don’t try to change this. While he might accept splitting the bill after the first date, he’ll most likely consider it strange, at least.

Paying is how they assure you that they can look after you. However, once you are an official couple with more dates under your belt, you may start paying as well, they won’t be offended.

Men from Panama are amazing partners

Panamanian man

In terms of romance, Panamanian men tend to be affectionate, expressive, and passionate partners.

Sweet gestures, hand-holding, warm hugs, long kisses, surprise dates, and lots of touching: this is what you should expect, both early on and later on during your relationship.

This might be too much for you at first, especially if you come from a different culture where PDA is not as common, but you will soon get used to their sweetness.

This can come with a negative side as well: as they are very intense lovers, they can be jealous at times.

Make sure to introduce them to your male friends, so they don’t perceive them as rivals and always do your best to assure them that they’re the one and only in your life.

Jealousy will get better with time, as it usually tends to be at its highest during the early stages of the relationship, but it cools off a bit as trust is built.

What does a Panamanian man like in a woman?

man from Panama

Communication is key here. Panamanian men also appreciate a strong sense of loyalty and commitment. Be sincere and open with them, they cherish honesty and like to build trust from day one.

As in many Latin American cultures, Panamanians can be a bit “machista” – which is something we’ve also seen overseas when it comes to Filipino men (as they also have Latin roots, in case you didn’t know).

Either way, men from Panama like to see lady-like behavior in their partners, such as being polite, well-mannered, and respectful. And, as mentioned before – dressing up a bit and taking care of your looks is always appreciated.

They are used to their mother’s good cooking, so if you can cook or occasionally prepare them a delicious dish, they will appreciate it. Cooking is not a requirement, but they will adore you if you do!

5 do’s to make Panamanian men like you

  1. Be confident and positive – Self-confidence is universally attractive, and since they tend to be funny and positive, they enjoy a cheerful woman with positive energy by their side.
  1. Be independent – Yes, they’re very romantic and traditionalist in nature, but they like a woman who has her own life, hobbies, and group of friends. Make plans without him too to keep the mystery alive!
  1. Be outgoing – As I mentioned, Panamanian society is very outgoing, filled with friends and family gatherings. Expect to be part of weekend celebrations, local festivals, and beach trips!
  1. Have your own dreams and goals – Panamanian men might be traditional, but they are surrounded by professional and intelligent women, so it’s important to show them that you have ambitions and aspirations in your career or personal life.
  1. Be patient – Panamanian men are not the type to ask your hand in marriage in the first years of dating. Proposing early might be common in other cultures, but Panamanian men tend to wait until they feel they have improved their economic status and feel safe in the relationship.

5 don’ts

  1. Don’t be strict with schedules – Panamanian culture is not punctual at all. When you’re invited to an event at 8 pm, people will start arriving by 8:45 pm. Keep this in mind and ease up with the time pressure. If you two are going on a date, you might want to tell him you’d like to be on time, if you stick to set time. And if this is a dealbreaker, Austrian men are always on time!
  1. Don’t be disrespectful to their family – Family comes first in Panamanian society, so make an effort to win them all over. Disrespecting or disregarding their family can be a significant turn-off. Show interest in them and ask questions about them to build a positive connection.
  1. Don’t be shy – Let yourself loose with Panamanian men, and if you don’t know how to dance, you should get yourself some lessons (or let him teach you!). Dance is an important part of Panamanian parties and festivities.
  1. Don’t be cold – As they are warm themselves, they appreciate warmth in return. If you are cold or distant, he might think you lack interest in them or he might think you are rude.
  1. Don’t try to skip the Spanish classes – Many Panamanian men know English, and they can be very accommodating, speaking English with you. However, learning the language can be a sign of cultural respect towards him and his family.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you WILL have fun if you start dating a Panamanian man, and you are in for a wild experience. One that will settle down nicely as time passes – but one that will always have that passionate fire burning!

What they don’t have in height, they have in personality. Yes, they are short kings! Their average height is 5’5. But they enjoy working out and staying fit, so they still look really good.

But don’t forget to set your boundaries. Panamanian men can be very pushy and insistent.

They have a tendency to be intense with women, so if their advances make you uncomfortable, it’s crucial to communicate your limits firmly and clearly.

Last but not least, remember to download WhatsApp! Panamanians mainly use WhatsApp for texting and having it may ease communication with your Panamanian boyfriend. They are great texters, so make sure to check your phone and reciprocate!

And now over to you – do you have any stories or additional things to add about men from Panama? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts below!

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  1. But also there are no single men from 22-38 they’re already married once they’re out of college at that age .

    If you’re in your 30s maybe you can find a divorced man ? But, hot? I’ve never felt like Panamanian men were super sexy lol and I’m Panamanian.

    However, I hear that in the interior they’re attractive! But I also feel you might have a clash of culture.

    If you can find a single man I think it will be a pleasant experience. Good luck!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stacy! Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder – and many foreigners tend to consider people in other countries as exotic and beautiful, even if the locals might have a different opinion 🙂


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