Dating a Venezuelan Man: What to Expect

Getting in a relationship with a man from Venezuela is not only viewed as exotic, but it’s also an exciting and overall unique experience.

But, as it always happens when different cultures are involved, there are some things you should know about Venezuelan men before things get more serious.

And this is what we’re talking about today in my full guide to men from Venezuela and what to expect from them in a relationship.

Venezuelan men come from a rich and diverse cultural background, where family is extremely important, where old school chivalry is not dead, but also where you can see a machismo culture, a fair bit of jealousy and emotional intensity. All sparkled with a bit of that Latino passion you probably love.

But this is just a short summary of men from Venezuela: there’s a lot more to learn about them, so let’s get this started and get more in depth with our discussion about men in the region.

What does a Venezuelan man look like?

curly haired man from Venezuela

Since the first impression you get is based on physical appearance, this is what we’re going to start with.

Generally speaking, a man from Venezuela will always give you that warm Latino look that every lady enjoys.

They are naturally beautiful and manly, and they do enjoy taking care of their body by exercising regularly, staying fit and putting a lot of thought into their hair style and clothing.

Usually influenced by European and Indigenous American ancestry, the Venezuelan man will usually have a darker skin, he won’t be too tall, and will have brown hair with brown eyes.

All in all, they are truly special and gorgeous. And fortunately, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to them, with most men being good people that you can trust and appreciate long term.

Yes, you might have competition from ladies in the area, who are equally beautiful – but don’t worry too much about it. However, you can read more about Dominican girls to know what you’re generally up against.

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Characteristics of Venezuelan Men

Venezuelan men are known for their natural charm, full confidence, and irresistible passion – to name just a few of their most important traits.

But there’s a lot more to know about them generally, so let’s dive into their main characteristics below!

Family is VERY important to them

large family gathering

Family is probably the most important element in Venezuelan culture. As family is considered the foundation of the society, men from Venezuela learn to treasure and respect it from an early age.

Family bonds are really strong here and you will see that everybody in Venezuela will prioritize their family’s well being above all else.

Therefore, you can imagine what important honor is offered to a person – no matter what their gender is – when it’s welcomed to the family.

This also means that you should expect his mother to have a decisive say when it comes to his choices (and it will be very difficult for you to become the #1 woman in his life – if ever possible).

It also means that large family gatherings are the norm, which are a great way to meet new people, be introduced into the family and learn a lot more about your men.

Because, yes, these social gatherings will always end up with tons of fun and juicy stories being told to newcomers.

Machismo Culture

Machismo culture is deeply ingrained in Venezuelan society, which might seem like a paradox at first since so many men here are still “mama’s boy.”

However, it is by tradition expected for men to be the dominant one in the relationship. As a result, their will always try to assert their masculinity and hold the steering wheel.

macho Venezuelan man

Don’t feel offended by this – it’s not like he is underplaying your importance or not appreciating your uniqueness. It’s just how things are – I like to call it “the special Latino gene” and Venezuelan men have it.

In this machismo culture, traditional gender roles hold great significance. Men are anticipated to be the primary earners and decision-makers within the relationship, while women are often expected to assume more submissive roles.

The good thing is that these are not all set in stone, so an open discussion if you don’t like it will usually tone this down.

Also, let’s not forget that Venezuela as a country is unfortunately going through a lot of trouble for several years now, and many men still feel a bit of frustration from these aspects that are out of their control.

As a result, they might become more possessive and controlling. Try to understand the situation and slowly make them understand that you’re a team, not a company than needs a leader.

They are charming and confident

Despite all the challenges that a man from Venezuela had to conquer in recent times, they remain happy, friendly and especially charming and confident.

Their charm will make them highly appealing and captivating. They have magnetic personalities and they are extremely confident in their own skin.

This shows both in their posture, but also the way they carry themselves and how they behave. They also know that this is appreciated by most women, so they work to perfect this confidence they’re exuding from a young-ish age.

As a result, they are smooth talkers and have a way with words that could lure in even the most uninterested female. So be very careful when around them – especially early on – as many might not have serious relationships on their mind.

It’s OK if you don’t either – after all, life is all about having fun. But when you want to finally settle down, make sure you’re ready to see behind his flattering words and their compliments and sweet nothings.

They’re also passionate and romantic

Venezuelan couple

I think that this should come without a huge surprise. But yes, it has to be said: Venezuelan men are some of the most romantic and passionate you will ever see. They definitely give Italian men a run for their money!

When you’re in a relationship with a man from Venezuela, expect to be showered with affection and love. Romantic gestures, surprise dates, random small gifts and heartfelt declarations of love… all of these will be part of your daily life now.

It’s like their only purpose is to make you feel special and cherished. Who would say no to that

Traditional gender roles are still generally present

I’ve touched on this subject already, but I wanted to make sure it’s crystal clear. When dating a Venezuelan man, expect traditional gender roles to be mostly in place.

This means that men are usually expected to be the providers and protectors, while women are expected to be the ones responsible for taking care of the children and managing the household chores.

This division of labor based on traditional gender roles is deeply ingrained in Venezuelan society, too.

However, as it is normal in an evolving society, things are changing – albeit slower than some ladies would want them too.

This means that modern men from Venezuela are more open to egalitarian dynamics in their relationships and a lot more forward-thinking and open minded.

Jealousy and Possessiveness

After all these good things, I want to address a potentially upsetting – but completely manageable – aspect: men from Venezuela have two common traits that few people appreciate: jealousy and possessiveness.

You have to understand where this comes from though. They come from a society that values loyalty and fidelity. Therefore, any signs that these core values are broken will make them really suspicious.

It is crucial to establish open and honest communication to address any concerns or insecurities that may arise.

Be patient and continuously work on building trust – this does take time, but it will eventually happen and you will be able to manage his possessive tendencies and make him feel less jealous.

But especially early on in the relationship, expect him to be close to paranoid when it comes to jealousy – but know that it generally gets better as time goes by and trust is built.

Tips for Dating a Venezuelan Man

young smiling man from Venezuela

While the things above are probably enough for you to know everything you should about men from Venezuela, here are a few quick tips when dating one:

Learn about Venezuelan Culture

Learning about Venezuelan culture is very important and will give you plenty of extra points. Familiarize yourself with the traditions, customs, and values that are predominant in the Venezuelan culture.

You don’t have to become an expert here, but reading a bit will help a lot.

Or, even better, be curious and ask questions about his country’s culture. Not only that you will learn first hand what matters to him the most, but he’ll also appreciate your interest.

Appreciate his family

Since family plays such an important role for him, learn to appreciate his family (and also yours).

Try to get to know his close family members better, asking questions and engaging in conversations with them.

Remember that you will always get bonus points if you manage to get his mother adore you, but also his sister(s) if he has any.

But generally, establishing a nice bond with the family is extremely important and not managing to do so could be a deal breaker for the relationship.

Final words

Despite the few cons that come from dating men from Venezuela, a relationship with one is usually passionate, romantic and as close to perfection as it can get.

They’re definitely not the cold type, like German men tend to be, but their passion and intensity also comes with a bit of jealousy, possessiveness and less modern approaches to relationships.

All in all, when we look at the Cons and Pros, the latter definitely outweigh the former, so know that even though there are challenges, your Venezuelan man is most likely a keeper.

And, no matter what, he’ll always value family and consider you one of the most important persons in his life. As a result, he’ll do all in his power to keep you happy and satisfied.

But enough talking! Do you have any experience with Venezuelan men? Let us all know your thoughts by commenting below!

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