Titanic Mardan Palace – Top Luxury Hotel in Antalya, Turkey

Titanic Mardan Palace is one of the most beautiful and impressive 5 star resorts in Turkey – and certainly one of the top hotels in the world, offering the luxury and quality of services that few others manage to offer.

And if you are to consider that Mardan Palace’s cost of building was no less than 1.4 BILLION Dollars, you can already imagine some of the opulence and luxury that will await you there, should you decide o visit.

Titanic Mardan Palace View

The hotel itself is located in the Lara District of Antalya, which is considered the “luxury” area in the region, with some of the most spectacular hotels in Turkey located there.

Lara is some 30 minutes away from the city’s center, as well as the airport, making it a very convenient place to visit. Still, with the luxury that the Titanic Mardan Palace offers, chances are that you won’t ever feel the need or desire to leave this humongous resort that turns your wildest dreams into reality.

The main point of attraction that the creator of this hotel had in mind when he sketched it up was grandeur: 10,000 sqm of real gold, 500,000 crystals and 23,000 sqm of Italian marble were used in the construction of the Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel and this means that at every step you take, you will have at least three visual reasons to be impressed and completely blown away.

Titanic Mardan Palace Pool Side view

The hotel also holds one of the biggest pools in Europe and the largest Mediterranean swimming pool which also contains a sunken aquarium with tons of colored fish for you to enjoy. A complete delight for the eye and something that does look like a dream come true.

The main swimming pool is huge at 9,700-square-meter (and you can also snorkel there in the humongous aquarium!), but if that’s not enough, there are six additional pools near the lake houses area of the hotel, as well as a water park.

The beach itself is truly spectacular. Since Turkey kind of lacks in this area (in my opinion at least – and apparently the hotel’s owners agree), 9,000 tons of sand were imported from Egypt to offer visitors the finest sand you can dream of.

Titanic Mardan Palace Beach

Like any luxury resort, Titanic Mardan Palace has a great choice of foods and can cater to any taste, from those who prefer to eat traditional Turkish cuisine, to those who want European foods or Asian foods – you have everything here, prepared by great cooks and tasting delicious.

The rooms are also astonishing, divided in two areas: European rooms and Ottoman rooms, with the latter being the natural choice for those who don’t live in Turkey.

Titanic Mardan Palace Rooms

And really there are not many words of praise you can have for a hotel that was visited (and IS visited) by celebrities like Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Seal or Kendall Jenner – to name just a few.

All this luxury does come at a price, so don’t expect to get a budget-friendly vacation there. However, it’s not insanely expensive either, so you could be surprised to find out that you actually afford staying in this absolutely amazing hotel. You can check out the prices for rooms here.

Mardan Palace was purchased, back in 2018, by Titanic Hotels (hence the “Titanic” in its name) but fortunately, there was no drop in the quality of service received. When companies juggle all that money, it can’t be otherwise.

This huge resort is like a little city that you would never want to leave: it has a plethora of restaurants, most of them dedicated to a certain part of the world: Turkish, Asian, Indian, Italian or Mediterranean restaurants await, as well as a main one with food from all over the globe and much more.

Titanic Mardan Palace restaurant

But you also have other places where you can eat and try various specialties, like the Ice Cream place, a Fruit Buffet, a Patisserie with amazing sweets or the beef grill club. In total, this resort offers 12 places where you can sample different types of food and goodies.

There are plenty of bars, some with spectacular views, like the rooftop bar, and many, many other things that will make your jaw drop.

Chances are that during a regular 7-nights stay here, you won’t get the chance to truly experience and try out all the restaurants and bars in this resort. Incredible!

This is definitely a dream destination and one of the best hotels in the world – or at least one of the best choices in Turkey for those looking for a luxuriant stay where they are treated like royalty.

If you want something similar in terms of service and also an eye candy (but not quite to this level, truth be told), but for a more affordable price, you can always choose Alva Donna, the hotel where I spent my honeymoon and was equally impressed with!

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