Taipei Girls Guide: Just As Underrated As Taiwan?

Oh, Taipei girls! What a pleasant surprise. See, when most guys go to Asia to travel & blend with the local ladies (and maybe work as a digital nomad), they start in Thailand, Indonesia or maybe the Philippines.

These are the “big” three when it comes to Southeast Asia travel and digital nomading.

And for good reason! There’s a lot of fun and value to be had in each of these countries… but that’s not everything that SEA has to offer. Quite the contrary!

Once I began diving into Asia, different countries, and exploring cultures – I found out there were a lot of countries that offered what I was looking for.

The best part?

Not many other Western guys wanted to visit these less popular places. I’m talking Indonesia (outside of Bali), Mongolia, Kazakhstan or even Taiwan.

Taiwan: Taipei Girls and More

Now, Taiwan certainly gets its fair share of tourists. There’s no doubt about that. But compared to a place like Thailand – there are not many foreigners here. Not even close.

beautiful taipei girl

While the country is small, Taipei is decent sized. Around 3 million people means it’ll take you at least three months to burn the city.

For guys looking to base up for 2-3 months, this is a perfect sized city. I had never planned to spend nearly two months in Taipei, but I ended up loving it.

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And why was Taiwan so awesome?

If you know me, then you know I was a fan of the Taipei girls. Taiwanese women certainly don’t have reputations like the girls in the Philippines or the Thai women. Honestly, I had never heard much about them until meeting up with a fellow traveler.

My friend just wouldn’t stop talking my ear off about the girls in Taipei. Being a fellow Asia travel junkie, I took his word for it.

But the idea stuck in the back of my mind.

I had to see if the quality of the Taiwanese girls lived up to my drunken friend’s hype. And I certainly glad my curiosity got the best of me. Because, as we’ll see in today’s article, Taiwanese girls (including those in Taipei) are absolutely amazing!

What are Girls in Taiwan & Taipei Like?

So what are the women of Taiwan, and specifically Taipei girls like?

Let me break it down for you:

Not as Easy as others in SEA

If you’re sick of feeling like the 50th western man to meet and greet some Thai girl in Jakarta or anywhere else in the country, then Taiwan may be the spot for you.

Taipei girls love Westerners, but they certainly aren’t as easy as other Asian girls. This can be seen as a good or bad thing – depending on where you are in life.

For me, I always prefer a little uncharted territory. So the girls in Taiwan were a welcome challenge.

And don’t be concerned – it’s not that difficult. You can still make ends meet with up to 3 girls per week in Taipei. It’s just they won’t come straight to your place like in some other places… which is always nice, I’d say.

Fairly Sophisticated

The Taipei girls were an intelligent bunch. I didn’t date a single girl in the city that couldn’t speak some English. All my girls had degrees and professional jobs.

This was a common sentiment with nearly every expat I spoke with in the city. Taipei attracted a higher class of girl than other cities I’d been to.

As such, you’d find girls dress quite well and conversation flowed effortlessly. These girls actually had something to talk about. They were sophisticated. Again, this was a pleasant change of pace from some of the other locales I’d spent time in.

Yes, I know, many of us, especially when we’re young, have different needs and sometimes just bedding her is enough. But trust me when I say that actually being able to have a fun conversation before and afterwards matters a lot too!

Nightlife Loving

woman drinking tea in taipei

Work hard play hard seemed to be the motto while I was in Taipei.

A lot of my girls were professional and intelligent, but they loved to let loose on the weekends.

If you’re going to Taiwan, you better enjoy nightlife – because these Taipei girls enjoy letting their hair down and partying a bit.

This may be due to the slight Westernization, but it didn’t bother me.

Is Taiwan Good for You?

Taiwan is a smaller Asian country and the Taipei girls aren’t as easy as other Asians.

That being said – if you’re looking for a different Asian locale where every foreign guy isn’t worshiped, you might like it here. The girls themselves are beautiful, smart and truly amazing.

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