The 10 Most Famous Swedish Models of All Time

These Swedish models and supermodels are some of the most beautiful women to grace catwalks and magazine covers around the world.

The list of gorgeous Swedish women is endless, from Victoria’s Secret angel Elsa Hosk to Frida Gustavsson, the “Blonde Supernova.” But today, I’m narrowing that list with the cream of the crop.

Meet 10 of the most famous Swedish models that have achieved worldwide fame (and gained a substantial fortune in the process). Eye candy galore, so let’s get this started!

Elsa Hosk: The Queen Of Swedish Models

This Victoria’s Secret beauty was born in Stockholm and began modelling at just 14.

One thing you might not know about her – she was a pro basketball player!

She was doing some modelling throughout high school but mostly focused on lessons and extracurricular activities.

Then, when she graduated, Elsa decided to pursue a basketball career instead. She spent two years in the Swedish women’s basketball league.

“It’s not anything like the WNBA, I mean basketball is not that big in Sweden. But it was still very tough. We worked out probably like eight times a week, and then it was games on the weekend. It took up a lot of time, it got really serious and I wanted to explore the world and meet people and not be tied down.”

Here’s to all the girls who think sports would make them bulky! Elsa has since commented that the world of professional basketball has prepared her for the physical demands of modelling. A Victoria’s Secret Angel can never be out of shape.

As for her current workout and diet regimen, Elsa keeps it minimal and efficient. It is a very Swedish approach toward life.

She mostly sticks to a plant-based diet and says proper nutrition is the most undervalued beauty miracle.

Instead of perfume, Elsa usually uses a mix of her favorite essential oils. “Rose is always a good idea!” she says.

Another piece of (very Swedish) wisdom she shares is to enjoy the sun. The one beauty myth Elsa would like to debunk is Basking under the sun is not good for you. 

You will find that Swedes love their sunny days. 45 minutes into the first warm(ish) day of the year, they are already in T-shirts and planning picnics. Won’t they get a sun-burn? They absolutely will.

In fact, one of the few things that makes Sweden’s women less pretty is that reddish-brown hue they always get at the beginning of summer. But, I guess with the right sunscreen (and the right set of genes), they could all look like Elsa.

Elsa Hosk has also been rumoured to be the inspiration behind Disney’s Frozen character. You have to admit that the resemblance is striking (even if it’s just casual)!

Mini Andén

Yet another Stockholm girl, Mini got started in the fashion industry a lot earlier than most girls do.

At just 10, she appeared in magazines and ad campaigns. By 15, Mini signed with Elite Model Management, one of the largest agencies in the world.

Throughout her career, Mini has been the face of brands like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, BCBG, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Gucci, and Victoria’s Secret. But why does she seem so familiar?

Mini is actually one of the few models that successfully switched to acting as a full-time career. She is best known for 2011’s The Mechanic and her appearances on the TV show Chuck.

Another surprising thing about Mimi? She is in her 40s! Yes, I know, she looks like she’s in her late 20s at most. That is the Swedish gene pool for you!

Caroline Winberg

Caroline is 100% the tomboy turned model. She is originally from Sollentuna – a Stockholm urban area – mostly a neighborhood of middle-class families.

Caroline was an avid football player throughout her childhood and early teens. Scout Cesar Wintland noticed her when she was walking to soccer practice.

By the time she graduated high school, Caroline had appeared in campaigns for designers such as Valentino, Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Escada, and Armani.

She has walked the Victoria’s Secret runway every year between 2005 and 2011. You might also recognize her from her cameo in Bradley Cooper’s Limitless.

Caroline has also appeared in the show The Face UK and is the host of Sweden’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6.

Elin Nordegren

You might associate her with a certain cheater. That’s right, one of the most beautiful Swedish models, Elin Nordegren, is Tiger Wood’s ex-wife. She was born in Stockholm and used to model as a young girl.

Mia Parnevik, the wife of Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik, hired her as a nanny for their kids.

That is where Elin met Tiger and eventually married him in October 2004, by the 19th hole of the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados. Following the discovery of his infidelity, the couple got divorced.

Getting divorced from Tiger Woods is a pretty lucrative deal, apparently. Elin got $100 million that she used to buy a $12 million Florida mansion that she had completely reformed and refurbished (not before donating any valuable items to go on auction for Habitat for Humanity).

Needless to say, Elin does not model anymore and she doesn’t appear too much in the media either. In 2014, she got a degree in psychology, receiving the Outstanding Senior award.

Becoming a child psychiatrist had been her childhood dream and she might be well on her way to achieving it.

You can learn more about her and her brief rise to fame in the video above.

Frida Gustavsson

For somebody “just” born in 1993, Stockholm-born Frida has a long list of high-end brands that she has worked for.

Her modelling includes appearing for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, and Christian Dior.

Frida modelled locally but eventually moved to Japan to pursue her career further. At just 15, she packed up and moved to a completely different continent. It all worked out in her favor, though.

Not only has she walked tens (if not hundreds) of fashion shows for high-end brands, she has also been a part of the Victoria’s Secret show, graced the cover of Vogue, and appeared in advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui, H&M, Max Mara, Tiger of Sweden and Prada.

Frida Gustavsson is one of the youngest and most successful Swedish models. She won the Elle Sweden’s Model of the Year award in 2011 (when she was just 18).

And now she is following her acting career, focusing on that mostly – I am sure you already know and appreciate her from the Netflix show Vikings: Valhalla.

Sadly, this blonde beauty is taken. She married photographer Hjalmar Rechlin on 30 May 2015 in Sweden.

Marie Plosjö

Marie might stand out a bit from the other Swedish models on this list. She is not stick-thin and her blonde locks are not exactly natural, either. Marie Plosjö is a model.

She was born in the tiny town of Bjuv in the Northern part of the country. Throughout her career, Marie has appeared in magazines such as Cafe, Moore and Slitz.

Most importantly, she has had photos in Playboy and ICE magazines. Marie is open and proud about her photoshoots too. With that body, why wouldn’t you be?

Apart from her looks, Marie also has a sense of entrepreneurship. These days she doesn’t make her cash from modelling or reality TV appearances. She has her own company instead. And lately, she is focusing more and more on her hobby – painting.

I have to admit that she is really talented too – just check out her Instagram to see some of her art.

Ronnia Fornstedt

Ronnia is best known for winning Miss Universe Sweden in 2011. She was only 21 at the time. Ronnia has since worked with various fashion and skincare brands and is signed with Elite Stockholm and Zap Models agencies.

Her home city of Södertälje has just over 70K inhabitants and is a calm, industrial place. Most notably, it’s where pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have their research and development arm.

Ronnia didn’t have an easy childhood, though. Her father left when she was just a baby and her mother passed away when Ronnia was twelve. Bad memories did not make her leave Södertälje, though.

She still resides in the city. Who knows, you might even come across her on the street if you visit. But she’s taken. Actually, at the moment of writing, she is pregnant and expecting a child. Still beautiful!

Victoria Silvstedt

One of the most gorgeous Swedish models of all time – and probably one of the most famous, too.

This blonde bombshell was born in Skelleftehamn – a tiny village by the sea – and raised in Bollnäs where her father was captain of the ski team.

Young Victoria was skiing at the age of five and later competed in various junior championships. Sadly, her career was cut short by an injury she sustained at age 16.

When she won Miss Sweeden and placed in the top 10 for Miss World, various high-fashion brands took an interest in her.

Then Hugh Hefner noticed Victoria and she quickly rose to fame. She became the December 1996 Playmate of the Month and the 1997 Playmate of the Year.

Her appearances put her in the spotlight and at one point she was among the most sought-after women in the industry.

Victoria then expanded her horizons to acting and TV presenting. She has appeared in iconic shows of the late 90s and early 00s and taken various roles in European movies. But it didn’t stop there.

Victoria has also appeared in reality TV, released a couple of singles, launched her own lingerie collection Very Victoria Silvstedt, and has written a fairly successful biography.

She is a household name in Sweden, basically one of those people who are famous because they are famous. Either way, we applaud her for her stunning good looks and hard work. Probably the most famous Swedish model ever.

Mona Johannesson

Born in 1987, this beauty is considered one of the best models in Sweden at the moment. So she’s really riding the wave now, and for all the right reasons!

Born in Huskvarna, Sweden, which is better known for the outdoor power products, the beautiful Swede with dark blonde hair and perfect features was discovered when she was 14 and attending a… horse trials event in the country.

However, she only modeled part time until she finished school – which is to be appreciated for sure. Afterwards though, she started doing this full time and her rise to fame began.

She actually became an internationally acclaimed model years after starting the career, when the press started to call her the “next Kate Moss” and ever since, the nickname “Baby Kate” stuck with her.

She does look like a young Kate Moss, right?

Emma Wiklund

Emma Wiklund, born Emma Sjöberg on September 13, 1968, is a Swedish supermodel, considered one of the top models of her time.

She rose to fame in the 1990s, first being featured on the cover of several Elle magazine editions, and afterwards appearing in a music video from artist George Michael.

Emma appeared on the catwalk for some of the biggest and best fashion houses in the world, including Versace, Dior, Lanvin or Christian Lacroix.

She also made the natural switch to acting, where she is best know for the police office role of Petra in the first four Taxi movies created by Luc Besson. She also had various TV shows in Sweden and is considered today as one of the most famous Swedish supermodels ever.

Final words

Sweden has given us plenty of beautiful models and supermodels, and you have above the 10 most famous.

Which of these Swedish models do you think deserves the title of best looking one? Let us know in the comments below!

Or if you want, you can continue checking out the most famous Danish models of all time, or switch geographical regions a bit and enjoy the most famous Romanian models in the world.

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