Kenyan Girls & Women Guide: How to Meet the Perfect One

A unique and exotic kind of beauty: this is what the extraordinary East African country of Kenya has to offer.

And today, I’m here to share everything you should know about Kenyan women and what to expect from a relationship with one.

Gifted with immense bounty in nature and wildlife, Kenya has also spawned beautiful women the likes of Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyong’o, model Brenda Wairimu, Miss World Kenya Charity Mwangi and Kenyan actress Serah Ndanu (to name just a few of the nation’s beauties).

Of course, it’s not just these world-renowned superstars that were blessed with amazing looks – and this is where things get good for the regular people out there.

You regular Kenyan woman also has a lot to offer in the “looks” department, but also as a person, as you will find out if you meet one (or read this article).

Kenyan woman in traditional clothing

Discover what they have to offer – stunning good looks, a passion and love for family as well as the nurturing spirit for the man in their life.

Our ultimate guide about Kenyan girls and women will tell you all the important points such as inherent values and traits, the dating culture, and expectations.

There will also be some useful tips on the unique things that you have to know about their local habits and practices, so you’re always in their good grace. Let’s start!

The Dating Culture in Kenya

beautiful Kenyan girl

While technology and the internet have greatly changed habits and traditions in Kenya, a good part of the women there still adhere to some of the old values set by their parents.

You will find a more modern and relaxed attitude towards dating in the bigger cities like Nairobi.

For lesser urban areas, women tend to be a bit more conservative, especially about dating foreign men since they are expected to marry within their tribe and ethnicity.

But fortunately, this is starting to change and online dating is becoming more and more of a thing there.

For example, the best place for you to meet Kenyan ladies online is this website. You will love it there and only meet open minded women who are actually looking for a relationship and speak good English too (which is always a bonus).

Dating usually starts at the age of 18 (or older if in rural areas) and traditional go-to places are the usual restaurants, parks and the cinema.

If in some areas there is a lack of public places to socialize, the men usually court and visit the ladies at home.

Proper visiting etiquette must be observed like informing your host of your visit and coming to the home bearing gifts or tokens.

They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. The customary gifts are flowers or tea leaves, but you must not come empty-handed.

So what can we say? Thank god for dating websites! This takes away the awkwardness and makes everything so much easier, at least in the early stages of getting to know each other.

While families in Kenya will usually offer privacy, it’s still not fun to try to impress your lady at her home knowing that the dad is next door…

If you are more serious in your intentions, note that usually marriage in Kenya is considered only after college and gainful employment.

If your lady happens to be in a strictly traditional family and you are lucky enough to be accepted in, they might (but not all) require the customary dowry.

This happens more in the rural areas but it would still be best if you discuss this with your Kenyan girl if you are moving to taking her down the aisle.

It’s definitely a bit more challenging and different than dating open-minded Dominican Republic girls or Venezuelan men – depending on your choice.

Kenyan Girls Characteristics

fit Kenyan girl

With an impressive country adult literacy rate of 81.53%, you can expect Kenyan women to possess high intelligence and education levels.

Despite being a lesser prosperous country, education is one of the top priorities of a Kenyan family. However, in the more rural parts of the country, you will often find girls who still lack facilities for good education.

While they are educated, the Kenyan woman still hold onto their traditional roots. They are very family-oriented. Much of a Kenyan girl’s upbringing is centered around what her mother teaches her.

The most important value they impart is relationships is that girls put must put value in themselves.

Don’t be surprised if you have to woo and wow your Kenyan girl – she is not playing hard to get – she’s just trying to gauge how valuable you perceive her to be in your life.

This might often be misconstrued as gold-digging or materialism – if you can afford it, don’t look much into it. A Kenyan babe wants to be spoiled by her man!

Kenyan women are also known to be more conservative and polite than other African counterparts.

They have retained enough of their local culture and habits to keep them anchored and non-Westernized. Always get to know her first before being too forward.

Do Girls in Kenya Speak Good English?

It is pretty safe to assume that women from Kenya speak good English. In January 2020, Kenyans have been ranked as the second most fluent English speakers in Africa by a Switzerland-based English proficiency company, second only to South Africa on the whole continent.

Speaking of which, I already have a guide to South African women posted on this blog – make sure to check it out too!

This speaks of the historical influence the British had on the country, making English one of the official languages of Kenya.

Aside from this fact, English has also been retained as a medium of instruction in Kenyan schools.

There may be some differences in local word usage if a Kenyan girl is unable to shift from Kenyan English, which had some words adapted from Swahili and other Bantu languages.

There may be accents that could hamper understanding, but it is easy to get accustomed to the local sounds and phonologies that they give the English words. Definitely easier than you having to learn the local language!

In communicating with girls from Kenya, avoid using slang and words with double meaning that are often used in English-speaking countries to avoid misunderstanding.

As there is also some “code mixing” of English and words from Swahili, it is also okay to ask your Kenyan partner the exact meaning of a confusing word since they might have a different context and usage especially if it doesn’t make sense or is inflammatory to you.

An example would be if a response is “One of these fine days!” It might sound a bit sarcastic to the native English speaker but it just means plain “someday” to them without malice or anger in reference to the future.

Women in Kenya: More than Meets the Eye

stylish Kenyan woman

The beautiful big brown eyes and silky-smooth brown skin shades are characteristic of Kenyan women.

They are blessed with slim builds while in their 20’s and below. Many put on the curves as they get older but are not less desirable.

Genetically, they are blessed with slow aging but some, due to harsh weather conditions, may age faster.

This doesn’t mean that older Kenyan ladies are ugly or that they lose their appeal. In the end, beauty is connected a lot to attitude and this never ages!

While most Kenyan women have lithe structures, you will be pleasantly surprised at how proportionate and hot their body types are.

Women from Kenya exude a certain allure that is a combination of the physical and intellectual aspects.

You will find them dressed to flatter their figure but more often garbed more conservatively than Western women.

They will choose more flowy, shape-flattering attires that show off the curves in the right places and not show off skin.

One thing you must be conscious of is that Kenyan women love their hair (or their “not hair“).

It is fairly common practice for women in Kenyan to don beautiful wigs, weaves, and other hairpieces to enhance their beauty. It is not even considered vanity. They have innately curly to kinky hair while some have relative wavy to straight locks.

Dating a Kenyan Girl – The Keys to Her Heart

girl from Kenya

If you still need a bit of help after getting all the info below, here are a few tips and tricks to impress the great Kenyan lady you’ve just met (or are about to meet):

Make Her Laugh

The Kenyan beauty is impressed by a man’s wit and sense of humor. Get in the groove by learning some Swahili and get the inside track on some local jokes.

But do make sure you completely understand the context of what you will be talking about!

If not, we already know that the Kenyan ladies speak good English, so jokes in this language will save the day also!

Chivalry Matters

Due to their upbringing that if a man is serious with you, he will pamper and take care of you – you need to up your chivalry game if you want to impress a Kenyan lady.

Basically, think that you’re a French man and you always have your game up to 100%. This will leave a good impression. (Of course, you need to be yourself at all times – I’m just providing guidelines here).

For example, you shouldn’t consider it strange to be the one who pays the bill when eating out.

You are expected to do so and recommending to split the bill will send a wrong message: that you don’t really value your date. And you don’t want that!

Also, make sure to open doors, be polite and considerate. If you treat her casually, it will mean you are in it for a trivial reason and she won’t take you seriously.

Compliment Well

Don’t be shy when giving proper praise and admiration to your Kenyan girl. But note that flattery will get you nowhere – it’s just a way to show that you appreciate your girl.

Kenyan ladies love compliments, particularly when their partner dishes them out tastefully. It sends a message that “Yes, I see what makes you my special girl” and she will love you for it!

Support Kenya!

If there is something that will endear you to a Kenyan girl, it is showing love and support for her country and heritage. Don’t criticize for what the country lacks – they know their shortcomings and are sensitive about it.

But there are numerous wonderful things about their nation that you can highlight – focus on them. Appreciate the food and buy local merchandize and gifts!

Don’t be Nosy – Wait ‘til She’s Ready

Because of cultural differences, you may have a ton of deeper questions to pose to your Kenyan beauty. Or actions to take, if you know what I mean. But do be patient!

Take it easy and tackle things one at a time. Family issues are a sensitive topic. Personal criticism may be saved if you are already more serious and please – as mentioned in an earlier section – no funny looks or tactless questions about her hair!

Let Her Take Care of You

Especially if you take care of your Kenyan woman, she will reveal a side of her that innate to the Kenyan culture – the care and devotion of a woman to her man.

In case you’re not used to it, don’t stop her. She’s just showing her love to you the way she was taught how. It feels offensive if a guy does not let her take care of her man and makes her feel inadequate or unneeded.

However, I don’t think that there are many men who would turn this down. It feels too good – and if you’re not used to it, you will get used to it really fast and never want it to be any other way!


Dating a girl from Kenya is exciting as you will most probably be encountering a good mix of beauty and brains.

It may be challenge but you will find that Kenyan women are boldly stepping outside the box and dating foreign men, especially from Western countries who can challenge them.

Take the lead considering her needs and wants in tow. Adapt, adjust, communicate, and learn.

Before you know it, you will have made a worthwhile connection with your Kenyan beauty that lasts a lifetime!

And if you’re interested in learning more about a completely different type of woman, I recommend reading about South Korean girls.

If you have things to add, or experiences to talk about – don’t hesitate to share them below.

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