The Best Scandinavian Dating Site in 2024

When it comes to meeting amazing women in Scandinavia, choosing my recommended Scandinavian dating website is the easiest and best approach, in my opinion.

Using it, I had amazing results and met amazing Scandinavian women. Plus, it’s easy to use, interaction is much simpler (and less awkward) than real the life-approach, and the women are just as beautiful – plus, you know for sure that they’re looking for a match!

This being said, don’t waste a single second and click here to check out my #1 recommended dating site in Scandinavia for 2024.

Why International Cupid Is the Best Choice

I absolutely love International Cupid. It’s pretty much everything that free dating apps are not. Here are the main differences that I am sure you’ll appreciate too:

  • Premium, not free (I’ll tell you why that’s a perk in just a couple of paragraphs!)
  • Full profiles, not just heavily edited picture + bio (if she even bothered)
  • Traditional dating site, not swipe and they’re gone forever
  • Members interested in meaningful relationships, not just hookups (although you can find those too!)
  • Helps you find love outside your normal dating scene, not in a pre-set radius.

The fine print is that it’s less popular. These days everyone and their mom is on Tinder.

International Cupid targets a particular niche. People who don’t date in this niche are not on International Cupid.

beautiful Scandinavian woman

This is a big advantage. Less competition for you, equally beautiful ladies and all of them are looking to mingle.

The huge perk here is distance-independent dating. On Tinder, you can swipe within a larger radius. Ultimately, though, most women have the default 50 miles. They will not be looking outside of that.

On International Cupid, members are already into the long-distance meet idea. They are prepared for the ups and downs of a relationship with a foreigner, and this is another major advantage.

You don’t even have to be in any of the Scandinavian countries yet in order to be able to start interacting with them!

And, in most cases, women on International Cupid have also thought about (or are even in the process of) relocating. It may be hard to get the same commitment out of your Tinder hook-up or anywhere else.

And these are some of the most important reasons why I consider International Cupid the best dating site in Scandinavia – or, better said, for the Nordic countries.

Click here to create your account now.

Why Use Premium Scandinavian Dating Sites

The more you pay, the more you value stuff. Think about it.

If you were learning a language and paid $100 for a course, you’d make sure you use the course. Duolingo is free and most people ditch it in the first few days.

It’s the same with dating. There is a certain level of commitment that comes from the membership fee.

It goes both ways, too. Women on premium Scandinavian dating sites are much more committed to finding a long-term relationship.

They are investing more time, and they’re investing actual cash as well! It’s pretty obvious that they’re not there just to waste time!

But, I hear the dude in the back say, I thought girls didn’t have to pay for dating sites. 

Scandinavian Girls Will Pay You To Date Them

Not really, but kind of…

Scandinavian dating sites and the entire Scandinavian dating scene are super feminist. Not feminazi, but definitely feminist. As in, insisting on equality is not radical and it’s actually great for you as a guy (in some ways).

In Scandinavia, women are happy to share the bill. If they asked you out (it happens more than you think), they are paying. The same applies to dating sites.

With International Cupid, at least one of two members should be premium, in order for them to chat.

Scandinavian women don’t mind being the paying member. Unlike many Eastern Europeans, they can afford the membership (which is not expensive anyway) and if they are serious about finding a guy, they will pay.

Speaking of which, though, make sure to also take a look at the best dating sites in Eastern Europe. You never know when you need to expand your borders…

Still, don’t approach International Cupid as though you were a poor lady. Male non-premium members still look kind of cheap and odd.

Perhaps that is one aspect of equality Scandinavian dating sites should work on.

Either way, the important lesson of all this is:

Scandinavian women on premium dating sites are spending time and money on meeting you. You should prove that you can keep up and do the same!

Genuine interest and investment are the basis for any great relationship. That is why International Cupid has introduced more newlyweds than Tinder ever will.

So click here to check out the website right now.

I know for sure that at least a few of Nomad Not Mad readers signed up and found a partner this way – and it worked better than Tinder.

happy Scandinavian girl giving a thumbs up

The main problem with Tinder – and the fact that it is free – is that everybody’s there. You have a ton of choices, that’s a certain fact, but you also have a ton of competition.

On dating sites like International Cupid, things are a bit different. Being a premium service, it means that competition is not as high so you have more chances at scoring a date.

Plus, if it’s you who is the premium member, you already tell potential dates that you are there with serious intentions and you’re not going to become that bum that any woman out there doesn’t want to meet.

You mean business and you’re there to get it! This is the message you’re sending.

If you want to get to know the intricacies of the women in each of these Nordic countries and be better prepared when you actually approach them, I recommend reading my guides below:

Scandinavian Dating Sites: Know How To Present Yourself

Whether you pick International Cupid, Tinder, or a completely different platform (in which case, share your experience in the comments below), here are some helpful tips on presenting yourself.

Scandinavian girls look for a particular set of qualities. Here is how to hit the sweet spot:

  • Natural-looking photos, no company photoshoots.
  • You get bonus points for looking and being outdoorsy and a manly man.
  • The man bun is still not out of style in Scandinavia. Unless you look like Jason Momoa, though, I’d avoid it.
  • Don’t boast about your job, boast about the contribution you made. Bragging about volunteering might be slightly tacky, but it’s surprisingly effective.
  • Text her first and say something funny. Not carnal, not creepy (yes, even if you think it’s a compliment), simply something to make her laugh. It’s the easy and safe way to go.

King Tinder Anyone?

As much as you may love or hate it, Tinder is a very solid alternative, especially for those who want to speed up things and care more about quantity and not quality.

The “swipe right” until something sticks mentality. We’ve all done it.

So, is Tinder the best at facilitating conversation? Do they have the friendliest user interface? Is their algorithm the most accurate? Absolutely not.

But McDonald’s is not super popular because they serve gourmet, either. They are just the best at selling their product and it’s the same on Tinder. Plus, there’s the most fish in the waters of this mobile app as well.

Why Tinder Works Well In Scandinavia

These are cold countries. Dark countries, too, in the physical sense. With less sunlight and less vitamin D, libidos are not at an all-time high.

If anything, most Scandinavian’s personal lives could improve dramatically with a simple vitamin D supplement.

But there is more to the lack of sunshine and the incredibly high living standard.

When it’s cold and dark outside, and you do have the means to live well (even without too much hard work), people become less sociable.

Internet addiction is a new, potentially huge issue for Scandinavian people. It’s the age-old paradox of being well-connected, yet painfully detached.

Tinder fills that void. It’s refreshing to know that:

  • There are others just as single as you are
  • And you can take your pick at thousands of partners at any given time.

Tinder appeals to the ego big time. A lot can be said about what that does to relationship quality and our ability to function as social beings. But that’s for another time. The simple truth behind Tinder is:

People who are lonelier or isolated use it.

There are thousands of Tinder guides out there, so make sure to check one out if you need help.

But honestly, there are just two tips for using Tinder in Scandinavia and the rest is strategies to implement them.

Scandinavian dating sites
Unfortunately not all winter days look like this in Scandinavia…

Wrapping up

You know now why I recommend International Cupid as the best dating site in Scandinavia. It really works wonders, no matter if you’re looking to meet a partner in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or the slightly less popular countries of Finland or Iceland.

It works well for both men and women. It’s perfect and in my opinion it works better than Tinder.

You can meet awesome one-night stands here. You might meet the mother of your children. One thing is clear though: you definitely have plenty of options.

Good luck in your Scandinavian dating adventures!

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