Dating French Men: Everything You Need to Know

There is a lot expected from all French men when it comes to relationships and dating. After all, they’re from the country that gives us the “city of lovers,” Paris, and they’re always used as an example to follow.

And today we’re going to get more in depth with this guide to French men, learning what makes them tick, what to expect from a relationship with one and what are, overall, the Pros and Cons of dating men from or in France.

If you want to get straight to the point and get the most complete guide for making a French man (or any man) 100% yours, without the risk of losing it, you must read this guide. It will most likely change your life – especially if you’re struggling at the moment.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in, starting with some facts you should know if you’re going to date a Frenchman.

Traits of Men from France: What Are They Like?

French Men traits

I will go ahead and generalize a bit, because there’s no other way to do it. After all, each person is unique and you can definitely find people in France that won’t share the traits below.

But most of them do – at least to some degree – and it’s better to be prepared with something than jumping head first into the unknown. So here is what you should expect from a French man:

They have a high level of self-confidence and frankness

There are many stereotypes about French men that they’re arrogant and rude. However, as you will see, it’s not true.

What is true is that they are usually very self confident (and for the right reasons), and direct in their approach.

French men don’t sugar coat it too much, which makes them seem a bit rude. I tend to disagree.

This actually proves that they are strong people, they know what they want and they’re not afraid to say it – nor hiding behind the bush when doing so.

French men are cultivated

Behind that confident exterior, French men are very cultivated and sophisticated.

The French remain among the most intellectual people in the world, after some of the most famous intellectuals in the world came from France:  Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, Rousseau etc.

Frenchmen are not only experts in their particular field. They’re also cultured enough to hold a good conversation on basically any kind of subject related to art, books, history, philosophy or business.

They even discuss political issues, a topic that most of the people hate talking about, because of the misunderstanding that the topic may lead to.

While cultural differences may arise – and, as discussed already, you shouldn’t expect them to sugarcoat their opinions – there are definitely opportunities to explore diverse perspectives, both ways.

They like being ironic

handsome French man

The “rude French” myth might look a bit real when you consider their sarcastic, ironic nature. I believe that this is just a way for them to hide their real tenderness.

Because, yes, French men ARE very romantic and nice, but usually like to hide that behind a shield, probably because they are tired of this stereotype.

They’re not into talks that do not have any specific reason or approach such as small talks with strangers. They won’t smile in the name of kindness if they don’t meant it.

Being impassive is not the same with being unfriendly. It’s just the French way!

What to Expect when Dating a Frenchman

French man in a relationship

Now that you know about their main traits, it’s time to learn more about what to expect from them in relationships.

Romantic and passional

One thing that truly sets French men apart from those in other countries is their complete embrace of passion and romance in relationships.

I don’t know how else to put it, but it’s like they hold a secret key capable of opening any woman’s heart. And along with that key, they can unlock the most profound emotions.

When you’re in the company of a man from France, every gesture feels like a dance, every touch like poetry, and every kiss like a masterpiece.

You won’t know you’re dating!

The way the French date is usually quite casual, despite all the things I said above.

At the beginning of your relationship, you may not be aware of what’s going on, if you’re friends or just sticking around because they might play it cool.

Everything will have very casual tone: you might meet him at various events, go on walks and hang out with other friends from his social circle.

This is also because French men usually want to know their partner better before letting the relationship evolve. Which is basically how any healthy relationship should work…

If they’re falling for you, they’ll let you know

hipster French man

You will know if a French man likes you because he won’t shy away from showing it to you.

If he’s really into you, expect him to constantly get in touch, send invitations to hang out and offer small gifts or very personal details about his own person.

On the other hand, if he’s still cold and relatively silent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not into you. He could still be testing the waters and waiting a little bit before making a decision.

Kissing is an art with men in France

The French are already known for their French kiss, so the act of kissing for the first time means quite a lot for them.

They value the first kiss and consider it as the first step of starting a relationship.

Kissing for the first time is compared with a celebration of “Love has won”, a symbol of attaching with one another’s souls and expect it to be an art – or, even better, a masterpiece – when Frenchmen are involved.

French Men are liberal and open minded

When it comes to relationship or even their general view of life, French men tend to be very open.

The place, the environment, or the people around cannot be any barrier for them to show affection for his significant other by playing with her hair, giving hugs, cuddles or kisses.

French men are perfectly okay with enjoying an instant romantic moment with their date anywhere on a public place such as on a bus, train or at the park.

At the same time, French men understand and empower the individuality of all people and understand the significance of personal space in relationships.

Therefore, they will treasure and appreciate your independence. In a relationship with them, you will see that trust and mutual understanding are really important – and this goes both ways.

4 Qualities that Frenchmen find attractive in women

French couple

Now that we know everything about dating men from France, as well as their main traits, let’s check out a few things you should do to impress him.

1. They like expressive women

Talk about your feelings, goals, activities and hobbies. They’re good listeners and actually want to know everything about you.

While they might seem a bit reserved at first, it’s important for you to be very open and let them know you exactly as you are.

2. If you’re Latina / Spanish, you’re a bit luckier than the other women

For some reason, French men find Latin American and Spanish women in general more attractive than most.

It could be their innate charm and passionate approach to relationships, it could be the amazing Spanish language or the beautiful build of Spanish ladies… I don’t really know for sure, maybe it’s a mix of all of these.

But the bottom line is that if you are of from Latin America (read more about Colombian women here – maybe you get a hint or two) or Spain / Portugal, then you are in luck as you start with an advantage in their eyes.

3. They appreciate intelligent women

Every man should love smart, strong and independent women and the Frenchmen certainly do so.

As they are intelligent and well educated themselves, they know how to appreciate a sophisticated, smart woman. So don’t hold back if you are highly educated – he won’t feel inferior, on the contrary!

4. Food lover

Comparing to other countries, France is the place where people spend the most time in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Besides the fact that they’ve got delicious dishes, they also love to cook and food carries a bit more weight for them than for other cultures.

So having a partner with the same passion about food is a gift for a French man.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, we can see that based on everything discussed above, French men are quite unique and amazing partners.

Approaching love and relationships like an artist painting their next masterpiece, blending emotions and intellect with passion and a love for gastronomy, French men are indeed people with whom you can establish profound connections.

Like a beautiful dance, they’ll lead you into a world of love, where every moment is an ode to passion and every conversation an exploration of the soul.

But enough poetry! I’d love to hear what you think about men from France – share your thoughts and experiences below.

Also, if you’re interested in other geographical regions, you can learn more about men from Canada, or read about dating Italian men.

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