Canadian Men Guide: How to Win Over a Man from Canada

Canadian men are some of the nicest people on the planet. This makes it a no brainer why many women would love to date a Canadian man.

And today, I’m going to share with you everything you should know about men from Canada and what it’s like dating them.

Being the second largest country in the world by land area, Canada is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities with two national languages, English and French.

Despite this, all Canadians are bound by their unique attitude of innate diplomacy and positive attitude in life. I would say that they are somewhat similar to British men, but at the same time different – a statement that is as true as it is paradoxical.

Let’s take a closer look into the unique characteristics of Canadian men that can prove to be as exceptional as the beautiful and varied landscapes of their country.

Characteristics of Canadian Men

Sportsy Canadian

There is a need to look closer into the unique traits of men from Canada so that we don’t stereotype them and miss out on their best qualities. Because, as I have already told you, they are indeed very special and amazing people!

Canadian men are open minded

Canadian men are open to experiencing different cultures and generally welcome people of different ethnicities.

They also embrace other’s cultural practices and are open to trying out different cuisine and won’t hesitate to join in celebrations and traditions.

In other words, people from all over the world would feel welcome in Canada, which is not something you can easily say about other countries on the globe. But probably their open-minded approach to life is what makes the country one of the safest in the world.

Canada Chill

Now, I’m not just talking about the cold weather here. Canadian men are generally very free-flowing and laid back in attitude – Chill! You can expect less drama when they handle problems.

Many jokingly attribute this calm to Canadians having to cope with many sudden weather changes, often having to make do being snowed-in when unexpected blizzards hit that they know how to be accepting of abrupt situation shifts.

Of course, you probably heard already about how polite they are. This is absolutely true – and goes both for the men and women. When it comes to this politeness and their chill attitude, they are very similar to men from Germany – although they don’t seem as cold.

Let’s Have a Laugh

Together with their chill attitude, Canadian men like to make light of a situation by injecting humor even in difficult times.

They might poke fun at themselves but seldom dish out deprecating or demeaning jokes. It’s a great way to think, I would say and probably the best approach to life’s problem: just laugh at them.

Plus, let’s be honest – a man with a sense of humor (and Canadians have it) is always as charming as it gets to all women out there.

Sense and Sensibility

Canadian men are one of the most practical males in the world. Again, this is attributed to their extreme weather and expansive terrain.

This trait shows in their choice of clothing and style, how they make life decisions and their response to emergencies. Once they’ve dealt with it, they return to chill mode.

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Political Correctness

Propriety is something that Canadian men practice. It is reflected in their choice of words, humor, work ethics, and yes, even in personal relationships.

They’re not being fussy about details or oversensitive. Instead, they want inclusivity in their multicultural societies.

What It’s Like Dating a Man from Canada

Canadian man

Now that we know Canadian men better on the personal side, let’s see what to expect when you start dating one. Spoiler alert: it will be great!

Wrapped in Warmth

What’s more ideal in the cold than to be in the arms of the one you love? Canadian temperatures can drop to well below freezing and Canadian men love their hugs and snuggles to keep them warm.

Physical proximity and body heat make up for some intense intimate moments with him if you’re in cold, cold Canada.

Holidays, Holidays, and More Holidays

Canadians love their holidays and know how to celebrate them – so, if you happen to be in the country, you can count on going on a romantic getaway with your man on these days.

Depending on which province he lives in, there are 8 – 12 “stats” (mandated public holidays) each year alone. And if he is a federal employee, he might get an additional 6 more days free that you can use for a nice vacation for two.

Let’s Go Out!

The patience of the harsh winters is enough impetus for Canadian men to make most of the days that allow for outdoor activities.

They love outdoor activities like snow and water sports as well as hiking and trekking on the beautiful Canadian landscapes.

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It’s Not Hard to Say I’m Sorry

When dating a Canadian man, you will notice they easily admit and apologize if they’ve made a mistake. It’s no big deal. Learn to forgive, learn, and forget. They will expect the same from you, though.

There’s No Hurry, So Don’t Get Harried

Canadian men bide their time in relationships. They like to see whether you do get along beyond just the “best foot forward” phase.

Tips When Dating a Canadian Man

beautiful nature in Canada

Finally, here are some tips for you to make sure that you get the most out of your relationship with a man from Canada.

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Be Flannel Ready

Canadian men love their flannel and know how to wear them. So, if you’re not into this fabric, it’s time to start learning.

The cold weather in Canada has made them appreciate it and he will surely foist some on you to try. There’s nothing like feeling cozy and chic (the Canadian way) when on a date.

First Date Fallacy

While many Canadian men do foot the bill on the first date, don’t hesitate to offer to pay for a share – especially if you are into him!

They view this as the woman being into the relationship and not merely going on a free ride.

Language Look Out

The national languages of Canada are English and French – but not everyone is bilingual so don’t assume or be surprised to meet a Canadian who speaks more French than English – and vice versa.

Poutine Palate

If you fall for a Canadian guy, get ready to fall in love with one of the staples of Canadian culture cuisine – poutine. French fries, cheese curds, and gravy are the main ingredients of the dish, if you don’t know yet.

It is spiced up with ketchup or vinegar and found everywhere from diners to fine dining (yes, they have haute poutine!). If it doesn’t appeal to you, at least give this comfort food a try.

Everything Maple

Soon enough you will encounter maple syrup when dating a Canadian man. For them, it doesn’t end with slathering it on pancakes – it extends to sweetening barbecue, coffee, and even salmon!

Mugged, Canned, or Bottled?

Canadian men love their beer, it being the most popular alcoholic beverage in Canada. They say many men judge a woman by her choice of beer, but don’t fret if you’re not a beer drinker. It’s only one of the criteria! Wink*

Man relaxing in cabin in Canada

Know When He’s Saying “No”

Canadian men are very polite and charming when refusing something that often, women of other nationalities don’t even know they are saying know.

Learn his language of rejection and don’t hesitate to just double back ask him (in a nice way), if he is refusing.

Avoid the Drama

Public fights and meltdowns are the ultimate turnoffs for the calm and chill Canadian man.

Arguments and heated words are relegated to a private place where can thresh out your problems without the benefit of an audience.

Tough Scruff

Don’t be surprised if your clean-shaven guy suddenly sports a full beard, particularly during the winter months. It’s just more practical this way – and they do love looking ruggedly practical these times.

Don’t Assume

Just to be on the considerate side, when meeting new people in Canada while on a date, learn to be more politically correct.

Sure, they might secretly prefer the Polish girl type – girls that really invest a lot of time in how they look, but in the end, they won’t complain and will like you for who you are, even if you don’t spend too much time trying to look good for him.

Always respect the multicultural nature and be sensitive when communicating. If you make a mistake, just know to apologize and not repeat the offense.

The Final Words

Knowing these key pieces to a Canadian man’s psyche is very important as an outsider looking in. They do appreciate that you bother to know, understand, and immerse in their culture.

This will help especially if you are up against a woman from Canada who knows the ins and outs of the mind of a Canadian man.

It’s not difficult to adapt and get used to the calm and chill outlook of Canadians. This appeals to women who are independent, flexible, practical, and coolheaded.

But a passionate and fiery lady can easily adapt as will – as long as she’s willing to meet him halfway!

Communication is always the key in making inter-cultural relationships work – and this is true when you date a man from Canada.

Knowing what to expect keeps the relationship real and anchored. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the full experience of having the best time while dating a Canadian man.

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