The Ultimate Guide to Girls from the Dominican Republic

Dominican women are always beautiful and surprisingly fit. They are exotic and amazing and they know it.

And now you know it too – but things are about to get better as this guide to girls from the Dominican Republic will teach you everything you should know about them.

There is a multitude of reasons to travel to the Dominican Republic, a country that is considered to be rich in diversity, being the second largest in the Caribbean.

It is so close to the United States – just two hours away from Miami, making it a perfect spot for people from the US to go date hunting. But even if you don’t fly there and do everything online, you’re still up for a treat!

The girls in the Dominican Republic are some of the nicest and warmest people you will ever meet.

Open minded, attracted by foreigners and incredibly beautiful: this is the perfect recipe that will blow your mind (and not only)!

Despite being reputed to have a poorer population and a higher crime rate than your normal go-to places, the core Dominican Republic family retains its inherent values imbued from the mainly Christian culture. A paradox similar to that seen with Filipino girls.

This brings us to the not-so-hidden treasure of the country – the attractive and sought-after Dominican Republic woman.

Let us get to know the inherent traits, culture, and habits of this unique Caribbean beauty so that you can learn how to win her heart!

Dating Culture in Dominican Republic

beautiful Dominican woman

In the recent years, the dating scene in the Dominican Republic has shown more appreciation to meeting up on a dating site, especially if meeting up with a foreigner.

Despite the country being open and free, local values dictate that it is unsightly for a local girl to be around a foreigner often, especially for casual dates.

The community frowns upon it and good Dominican girls do look after their local reputation – no good girl wants to be called the local floozy!

So, the online dating platforms have become the way to get acquainted then get to know each other more. By the time you are ready to meet in real, a connection has already been established.

For this matter, I recommend checking out this website. There are plenty of beautiful girls hungry to meet foreigners here and as long as you do a bit of due diligence, you can easily filter out potential gold diggers and only get the genuine ladies.

The best part is that this website is a premium one, so competition is low, while ALL the girls and women that have signed up are actively looking for a relationship. Definitely worth checking out!

Nightlife Game

Dominican girls love to dance and the vibrant nightlife is always a good place to start when it comes meeting your next date.

Join her group of friends or family and dance the time away in a classy club. If you’re lucky, you can talk to her privately and even ask her out on a one-on-one date.

Dominican ladies, despite the stigma that their more traditional communities throw upon foreigners, are usually very interested in dating somebody from across the border.

If you hold an US passport, you can already consider that a big PRO in their books.

You should also be very careful here, as the clubs (especially those mostly frequented by foreigners) are where the scammier ladies are aplenty, as well as gold diggers. Always play it safe!

Daytime Game

Dominican girl

Great areas to meet up for initial dates would be the mall or restaurants as they are accessible and depending on what time of the year you’re there – may provide more comfort than staying in the heat.

Going to resorts or recreational parks is usually for more established couples or if you are going out as a group with family or friends – never making it too intimate.

Red Flags: the Chapiadoras

As much as there are always bad eggs and good eggs in society, we might as well mention this since you will most likely encounter someone warning you of the Dominican Chapiadora (or simply put, Chapi).

This is the local word for “gold digger” and we’re going to dish the red flags outright for you.

Usually when a woman you are linking up with complains about her financial situation right at the start of your relationship, many see it as a red flag. It usually takes an amount of closeness before we discuss money.

A sob story usually accompanies these types of modus and they all seem to have a relative that is very ill and needs some money right away to make it. Don’t fall for these types of common scams!

You will also find many immigrants from nearby countries posing as Dominican ladies but they are really workers and are just in it to snag you for the money.

Health and safety become a main concern so always be cautious and try to vet the one you are connecting with. Draw the line with the information and gifting that you allow yourself to do online.

Dominican Republic Girls: Their Looks

beautiful Dominican girl

Although many girls from the Dominican Republic will think that this is more of a burden than a blessing, the truth is that most Dominican girls are generally darker than the average Latina.

A good section of the female population is fairer – but this is one thing great – they are physically endowed with such beautiful faces and complexions.

Most younger girls develop early and may have more matured-looking bodies, so just be sure of her real age before diving into more serious matters in relationships.

With their characteristic baby faces and beautiful bodies, it is no surprise the local ladies like to show off their curves – whether it be in skimpy outfits or more decent flattering clothes.

You will find a very Mediterranean vibe to the local girls and this is simply because of the historical gene pool that inhabited the islands from colonization and onwards. In summation, you will find them to be simply stunning.

It just goes in the area, as this is very similar to Colombian girls, although I personally found Dominicans to be curvier overall.

The Dominican Republic Girl: Her Prominent Characteristics

Dominican girls tend to be very frank – they are not shy to express if they admire you. Nor would they hesitate to foist you to the dreaded “friendzone” if they can only view you as such.

They can be brutally frank if you insist, so better get the hint and move on. They have strong, high spirited personalities.

However, if they love you, expect passion and fire. This is true for times of peace and “war.” There is nothing in between for the Dominican girl – it is an all-out undertaking – so be ready!

Family Oriented

The true-blue Dominican girl is anchored to her family. Some may give the impression that they live alone or have actually left the nest, but they always keep in touch, visit, and gather with relatives.

This is also one marked difference from the desirable Dominican woman versus the Chapiadora.

The Status Factor

confident Dominican woman

Status affects the Dominican girl a lot – from her economic stature to the color of her skin.

She will always strive to alleviate herself. The country is a melting pot of races, having immigrants from all over the world.

Many times, class is mistakenly associated with skin color with lighter-skinned girls typified as more upper class and darker-skinned ladies of lesser income brackets.

We know that this is not true but this is a good piece of information to know so that you won’t be perplexed if your girl always harps about her darker skin, wants to shield from the sun or desires to lighten her skin.

Your constant assurance will hopefully get her to realize that you appreciate her just the way she is!

Do Dominican Women Speak Good English?

Although they are diplomatically and geographically close to the United States, English speaking among the Dominican women is unfortunately lower than what you expect (or want it) to be.

You will still find many speaking passable basic English, but few can carry interesting conversation.

As a developing country, the Dominican Republic’s educational system has a lot more to be improved on and it is on the girls themselves if they want to learn proper English.

Many of those who do speak English, though tend to have more Western and liberated values.

So, if you want the type of Dominican Lady who possess the time-honored local values and conservatism, you might want to polish up on your Spanish.

A huge factor in this lack of desire to speak in another language is the passion and fire they have – where they can express what they feel exactly in their own language.

Be ready with translation apps and try to simplify what you want to say. If the relationship progresses, you will eventually learn each other’s language for a win-win situation.

Dating a Dominican Republic Girl: What to Expect

smiling fit Dominican woman

Dominican girls love to come to the party in large groups. They might be taking with them friends or family and sometimes people who work with them.

You must be ready to pay and foot the bill for any club entrance fees, taxi fare (particularly if the ride with you) and if you’re gallant enough, perhaps and round of drinks and snacks.

Play the Part

Unlike most parts of the world where women harp about gender roles, the Dominican girl still wants her man to act like the man. She is femininity to his masculinity.

Be well-dressed, polite and well-mannered. Practice chivalry but don’t overdo it then don’t be timid. Express your feelings and they will respond accordingly.

Avoid the Barrio Dance Scene

These local gatherings may look fun but unless you have a fully Spanish speaking companion who can guard you all night long, then don’t be tempted to join in, even with a date.

For sure there will be women who will try to hit on you, but worse – you can get literally hit and punched by a man. Scams may abound so keep it classier and stay within the better areas of town.

The Sunday Schedule

As a predominantly Christian (particularly Roman Catholic) country, the majority of Dominican girls will have at least a few hours reserved for church attendance and the subsequent family gathering.

If you are close and comfortable enough, do allot time to experience her faith and spend time with her family. This will make for better understanding of her and her community.

Don’t be a Killjoy

If there’s one thing about the Dominican Republic, their people are inherently fun-loving. Let your hair down and don’t be the party pooper.

You’ll be expected to join in the fun, whether if you go with her group or on your one-on-one date. Just remember not too get too drunk, that’s rarely a good sign for anybody!

Get the Moves

It may not be your thing, but you have to be armed with some type of dance moves if you plan to have a good time in the Dominican Republic. Don’t overthink your steps and just go with the flow.

They will appreciate it even if you don’t dance like Neo, but at least try. In reference to the tip above – they never like a killjoy.

Final words

Dating a girl form the Dominican Republic may have its pitfalls, but it is a worthwhile experience that might ultimately result into more serious and lasting relationships.

Online dating is a huge plus in getting to know a girl versus simply diving in the country as a tourist then trying to meet up with the locals.

Always try to screen and limit the personal and sensitive information that you reveal. Follow the natural progression of getting to know each other before diving into something more serious.

Remember, anyone in a rush is always a red flag. If you have a love and affinity for the country, double check that you are indeed connecting with a local and not an immigrant from nearby countries.

Dominican girls have a penchant for foreign men, so if you follow our guide, you just might find the right girl for you in the country!

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