100 AMAZING Viking Name Ideas for Boys and Girls (and Their Meaning)

Vikings – and especially Viking names – are more popular now than ever. It makes sense – they were awesome!

Today I am here to share with you 100 Viking name ideas for boys and girls. If you want your little bundle of joy to have the amazing name of a mighty Viking, this is the article to read!

Before getting there, let’s quickly talk about these Vikings and why are you reading about them here on Live Scandinavia.


In Norse mythology, a Viking was a member of an ancient Scandinavian seafaring people who raided and colonized parts of Europe from the late 8th to the early 11th centuries.

Today, the word “Viking” is often used to describe people from Scandinavia who share certain cultural traits, such as a love of adventure and a hearty appetite for mead and ale. And who are, without a doubt, extremely brave.

So without further ado, let’s check out some great Viking names below!

Best 50 Viking names for Boys

viking names for boys

Choosing a Viking name for your boy can be a difficult task since there are so many great options to choose from.

To help you narrow down your choices, I’ve compiled a list of the best 50 Viking names for boys.

From traditional names like Ragnar and Bjorn to more unique options like Helgi and Svein, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So whether you’re looking for a name for your little warrior or just want to find a cool name for your baby boy, this list has you covered.

1. Asger – A Norse form of the name Asher, meaning “a blessing.”

2. Bjorn – A name that can be translated as Bear, meaning “strong and brave.”

3. Dag – A form of the name Day, meaning “bright and shining.”

4. Einar – A Viking name originating from Einer, meaning “lone warrior.”

5. Erik – A name that requires no introduction, meaning “ever-ruler.”

6. Finn – Vikings were not ruthless – as a proof we have this name meaning “fair one.”

7. Gunnar – Meaning “battle-ready,” this is one of the most popular Viking names you can choose for your boy.

8. Halfdan – It sounds pretty spectacular in my opinion. The name means “half Danish.”

9. Harald – Derived from Harold, this name means “army ruler.”

10. Hrothgar – A traditional Viking name, meaning “famous spear.”

11. Ingvar – This is an old Norse name, meaning “Protected by the God” or “Protected by Ingvi” (which is supposed to be the real name of the Norse God Freyr).

12. Jarl – A Norse form of the name Earl, meaning “chieftain.”

13. Kjartan – An impressive name that sounds really impressive. It means “warrior king.”

14. Leif – Meaning “lion-hearted,” this somehow sound better suited for a middle name, in my opinion.

15. Magnus – A Norse form of the name Matthias, meaning “Mighty, great.”

16. Olaf – Although we might associate it with the silly yet charming snowman from the Disney animated movie Frozen, it actually means “bold and fearless.”

17. Oslo – A municipality in Norway named after the old Norse city of Odda.

18. Regin – Derived from the less impressive name Reginald this one means “counselor.”

19. Rolf – This one comes from a more impressive one – Rupert – and it means “eager wolf.”

20. Roland – A truly manly name, meaning “manly bear.”

21. Sigurd – Meaning “victorious warrior,” this is a pretty unique name.

22. Sigmund – Another lesser known and less popular name these days, it has a nice meaning: “wise ruler.”

23. Svein – Meaning “joyful warrior,” this will surely be a great choice for your son.

24. Thorgeir – As you can see, this is very close to Thor, the God of thunder. The name basically means “thunder-hammer.”

25. Tostig – A Norse form of the name Toten, meaning “tooth of the dead.”

26. Unferth – This might sounds really good, but have in mind that it means “from the unfruitful land.”

27. Vigdis – This is actually a female name, but sounds pretty cool as a male name in my opinion. It does translate as “war goddess” so for males, we could update it to mean “war god”. Problem solved!

28. Yngvi – A Norse form of the name John, meaning “gift of God.”

29. Þorvaldur – Special characters make names even more special, and I have a few of those to share also. This particular name means “thorny tree.”

30. Þorgeir – A name derived from Torre, meaning “tower.”

31. Þorkell – Just like the first recommendation above, this also means “thorny tree.”

32. Þórir – A Norse form of the name Torrance, meaning “man of iron” or “Thor’s warrior”.

Now, after these 32 Viking names that work great as first names, here are a few more in random order – but which I consider better suited as middle names. However, you can easily use them as the main first name too.

33. Ragnar – Meaning “counsel of the gods.”

34. Rollo – Meaning “famous warrior.”

35. Ivar – A nice name that means “archer.”

36. Gunnar – A masculine sounding name that also has a very masculine meaning: “bold warrior.”

37. Birger – It might sound a bit like “beer,” but it actually means “keeper”

38. Håkon – Meaning “high son.”

39. Gorm – A name of Scottish origins actually, which means “blue.”

40. Ulf – A truly Viking name, meaning “wolf.”

41. Kåre – Make sure you choose this name carefully, as it means “curly haired.”

42. Jørgen – It sounds good, but with a more peaceful meaning: “farmer.”

43. Anders – It simply means “manly”

44. Aren – Maybe I am biased to like this one so much because it’s almost identical to my name. Either way, great name that means “eagle”

45. Gandalf – If you want a bit of magical resonance to your chosen name, then know that Gandalf is actually an old Norse name meaning “staff elf or wand elf”

46. Stromr – This is actually a gender-neutral name that means “the one who’s looking for trouble”.

47. Troels – We’ve seen many names related to Thor and this is one of them. It means “Thor’s Arrow”.

48. Sune – A name that’s still very common in the Scandinavia region, which means “Son”.

49. Odger – A Viking name coming from Edgar, which means “blessed arrow”

50. Njal – A perfect name for a Viking to be, as it means “Giant”.

Best 50 Viking names for Girls

female viking on a horse

The best Viking names for girls are those that are strong, beautiful, and meaningful. Some popular Viking names for girls include Astrid, Freya, Ingrid, and Sigrid. These names are all derived from Old Norse, the language of the Vikings.

Many of these names have been passed down through generations of Viking families and are still used throughout Scandinavia.

These names all have a special meaning in Viking culture and are sure to make your daughter stand out from the crowd. Now, let’s check out some suggestions below for inspiration.

1. Astrid: Divine beauty or God’s beauty

2. Brynhild: Armor battle

3. Freydis: Lady of the peace

4. Gudrun: God’s secret love

5. Gunnhild: Battle maiden

6. Hilde: War or battle

7. Ingrid: Beautiful or peaceful

8. Jorunn: Feminine form of Jörn, meaning”soft”

9. Kara: Brave

10. Kirsten: Follower of Christ

11. Lagertha: Warrior woman

12. Liv: Life

13. Sigrid: Beautiful victory

14. Tora: The feminine version of the name “Thor”

15. Ulvhild: Wolf battle

16. Vigdis: War goddess

17. Aila: Noble

18. Aslaug: Devoted to God

19. Aud: Wealth or prosperity

20. Borgny: Fortified hill

21. Dagmar: Bright day

22. Eir: Goddess of healing

23. Embla: First woman

24. Gunnora: Battle strength

25. Gyda: War

26. Helga: Holy

27. Hlif: Protection

28. Ingeborg: Fair maid

29. Jorunn: Joyful

30. Kari: Valiant

31. Kristin: Pure

32. Lygia: Peaceful

33. Margret: Lovely

34. Mathilde: Mighty protector

female viking name ideas

35. Merethe: Blessed

36. Nanna: Promise of fertility

37. Oddny: Wealthy

38. Ragnhild: Battle maiden

39. Rigmor: Beautiful lady

40. Sigrun: Victory

41. Signe: Sign

42. Siri: Maybe it doesn’t sound too Viking nowadays thanks to Apple’s Siri, but it is of Viking origins and means “beautiful victory”.

43. Skadi: Beauty of the snow

44. Tove: Joy

45. Yngve: This was the Norse god of fertility. It basically means “Young man” but I think it sounds really feminine and a great choice for a girl’s name

46. Astrid: Divine beauty or God’s beauty

47. Brynhild: Armor battle

48. Freydis: Lady of the peace

49. Gudrun: God’s secret love

50. Jor: Wild Boar

Wrapping up

Hopefully this list of 100 names is enough for you to find a Viking-sounding name for your child. Or fantasy game RPG – I’m not here to judge your choices.

If you want additional ideas, you can check out the previous article I wrote recommending some Danish boy names.

If you have other recommendations of great Viking names for boys and/or girls, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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