Guide to Men from Nicaragua: What to Expect when Dating One

Some people might believe that all Latin American men are the same. Perhaps because the countries are on the same continent, or because they all speak Spanish.

Well, whatever reasons there might be, let me assure you that Nicaraguan men are unique in their own way. If you ever come across the opportunity to date one of them, you’re in for a learning experience and a good time.

Men from Nicaragua can be a dream come true if you’re looking for an exotically beautiful partner.

Their upbringing, culture, accent, and even diversity, can be deeply attractive and thrilling. In this article, we’ll talk about what it’s like dating a Nicaraguan and what to expect from a relationship with one.

Nicaraguans are family men

Nicaraguan couple dancing at sunset

One of the most important things to consider when dating a man from Nicaragua is the significance that family has over other matters in their lives.

From childhood, it’s common to have reunions with their loved ones, and this also includes their extended family.

Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, nephews, and nieces, all get together on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

It’s only natural for them to have big parties, sometimes even on the days that nothing is being celebrated.

This doesn’t mean they depend on each other, or that they cannot see past celebrating with family. The custom speaks of the way they respect and care for their bonds.

Thus, it’s a fact that when dating a Nicaraguan, one needs to be aware of this tradition and participate in family gatherings with them.

If a man from Nicaragua is real about being with you, he will show it by bringing you to these reunions, as if you’re part of the family.

It’s basically the same with all men from this region, no matter if we’re talking about the underrated Honduran man, a man from Mexico or somebody from Panama.

Subtle Yet Firm

working Nicaraguan man

A big part of dating comes when you’re trying to get their attention, and the best way to do that is through flirting.

Overall, Nicaraguan men are respectful, kind, and subtle without losing the clear interest they show. Let’s see three key points:

1. Body Language: A smile or maintaining eye contact can take you very far with them.

This is the easiest way to make them look at you. Men like to know when they are being reciprocated, so don’t be shy in your interactions.

2. Attentiveness and Flirting: Nicaraguan men are true gentlemen when they’re interested in a woman.

They’ll do everything in their power to make you feel like a princess. If you want someone to place all their attention on you, then they’re your perfect partner.

From opening your door to showering you with compliments, they will place their best efforts into getting your heart.

This sort of approach might feel a little overwhelming if you aren’t used to it. They don’t do it to make you uncomfortable, it’s just their way to win you over.

You’re free to reciprocate with a similar level of interest if you wish to. Let them know that you like it… or even if you don’t.

Another way they might flirt with you is through jokes. Nicaraguans usually do this to break the ice and get the conversation starting. Their humor is mainly light and subtle. You’re in for a good laugh!

3. Dating and Gifting: As mentioned before, if they invited you out to meet their families, then they’re very interested in you. Likewise, getting acquainted with their friends is also a good sign.

However, alone time with them is just as important. This might include going out to the movies or having a meal.

Generally, neutral ground is their to-go choice. They prefer dating somewhere they can relax and/or have the conversation flowing.

Other cultures are especially known for gift-giving when showing interest. The average Nicaraguan might not have a lot of money to buy you something expensive.

Though, if you have them hooked, they’ll for sure surprise you with a kind gesture like flowers or chocolates.

It’s important to point out that sometimes this kind of attention only happens when courting a partner.

If they like you, they’ll do this sort of thing. Once they have you, their attraction might decrease and therefore, their gestures. It’s important to keep them captivated because some of them tend to be unfaithful otherwise.

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Outdated Gender Roles Are Still Present

young man from Nicaragua
The younger generation is more open-minded, though

Expectations about gender roles vary depending on the community and region. Whilst sexism is more frequent in rural areas, this doesn’t exempt urban Nicaragua from outdated practices.

There are some areas where it’s expected from the women to acquire a function within the home and care of the family.

Thus, some men might hope for a partner who stays at their house cooking while they work. This could be seen as somewhat unbalanced and obsolete.

However, not all Nicaraguans want this on a partner. It can change from person to person.

Still, it’s a generality that it’s more present in this country than in others. One thing that is for sure, though, it’s that with them (despite the outdated views), they will not mistreat you.

They’re true gentlemen.

If you don’t want to be part of a traditional household, it’s better to look for an open-minded Nicaraguan or search elsewhere.

They Are Kind and Welcoming

It doesn’t matter where you’re from – the somewhat nearby Canada or something farther away like Kenya, Nicaraguan men will make you feel at home as soon as you arrive in their country.

From sharing their food to inviting you to stay at their place, they’re the best tour guides you’ll ever have.

They won’t ever hesitate if you ask them for help. It’s one of their best characteristics, mostly because they do it expecting nothing in return.

Nicaraguans’ warmheartedness is as genuine as it can be. They’re usually extroverted and eager to make friends.

So, if one of them invites you to a party, don’t hesitate and accept. These guys only want to get to know you and for you to have the best time in their country. If they really like you romantically, then this kindness only turns into sweet gestures!

Catholics at Heart

beautiful Nicaragua landscape
Makes sense, with all these heavenly views from the country…

Even if this isn’t a rule for all, Nicaraguan men are prone to be more religious than most.

Catholicism is generally practiced in this country above other religions. Furthermore, their faith is present in different parts of their lives.

When visiting a Nicaraguan house, it won’t be strange to see religious symbols or hear references to their faith.

This is more common in small towns and with older people. There are parts of the country where men even follow the tradition of going to religious festivities hosted by the church. Sometimes, cultural traditions are linked with religion.

Even if your religion isn’t Catholicism, you shouldn’t worry, though. Nicaraguan men take pride in their faith, but don’t necessarily push it into others’ beliefs.

Although sharing ideals could be helpful, this isn’t a must as long as you respect their upbringing. It’s deeply encouraged to try new things and learn of their traditions and faith.

Don’ts with your ‘Nica’ Boyfriend

Now that you now more about your Nicaraguan man, let’s focus on three important things that you should never ignore.

DON’T ignore their customs

Culture is very important to them. Their dances, festivals, music, food, they’re proud of their heritage.

So, when dating them, don’t forget to show interest in their traditions and practices. Encourage him to teach them to you!

DON’T disrespect their family

As mentioned before, their close and extended family is very significant to them. So, when you meet them, be courteous and friendly.

If his family loves you, then you basically passed the major test. But even if you don’t entirely like to hang out with them, don’t ever disrespect them.

DON’T settle

Being with a Nicaraguan can be perfect if you find the right guy. But above anything else, you must never settle for whatever your Nicaraguan partner tells you.

They can be very commanding and rooted in their beliefs. If you don’t feel comfortable with what they’re suggesting for a long-term relationship, or even the way they flirt, you need to say it.

Closing thoughts

Is this what you envisioned when you thought about Nicaraguan men? Or were you expecting more similarities with other Latino men?

While they can be quite sexist compared to other countries, they have their charms. If you ever meet a Nicaraguan, don’t hesitate to give him a chance and let us know in the comments how it went.

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