Everything about Men from Honduras: What to Expect in a Relationship

Dating a man from Honduras isn’t easy – that’s why you are here, most likely. So prepare to learn everything about Honduran men, what to expect from a relationship and how to make one work.

It’s true, if you find the right one, he can potentially become the love of your life. If you don’t, then that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

As you might already know, Honduras maintains certain social characteristics rooted since the colonization. The economy and place of birth influence the way men behave in their relationships.

Usually (but not generally) higher economy and urban areas allow a more open mindset. It’s important to point this out. Even though not all are the same, Honduran men have some attributes that can be quite off-putting.

So… let’s jump right in and learn everything about men from Honduras!

They might be sexist

young man in Honduras

The Latin American culture in general is outdated when it comes to feminism. Women keep fighting every day to be seen as equal to men. This happens even more so than in European countries.

So, even though women here are independent – just like those in Colombia or the Dominican Republic, some men still believe it’s their role to be the providers, the womanizers, and the abusers.

There’s no pretty way to say it, but Hondurans, to some extent at least, are controlling and jealous.

It’s essential to remember that they have been taught since childhood that this is the right way to keep their ladies. It’s generally the Latin American way, and we saw that’s the case when dating men from Panama, for example.

Sometimes, this behavior also comes from a place of insecurity. Whatever the case, if you’re dating a Honduran, expect he will have an old-fashioned view of relationships.

The man will be in charge of the relationship. He will anticipate you to handle ‘women’ affairs such as the kitchen or looking pretty. And above all, he will want you to remain faithful to him, even if he is not.

Again, these behaviors might not be present in all men from Honduras. Some men are more sexist than others.

The important thing is to recognize the conduct early on and put a stop to it. Anyone can learn and grow from their mistakes.

Sure, there might be a bit of work required here, but it’s all worth it in the end, because Honduran men not only look good but they are good people!

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Dancing is what keeps Hondurans going

man wearing Honduras flag

Most of the time, to show interest in a woman, Hondurans will ask her out to dance. Dancing is an important part of their culture, just like in Mexico.

Men enjoy this as part of the beginnings of romance in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be traditional dancing.

For example, nowadays reggaeton and twerking are very popular. Don’t be afraid to take a spin with them when they ask you to dance. Mostly, they’ll be very chivalrous about it.

But if you don’t really have the moves, try exercising at home a bit or taking some dancing lessons. An extremely easy way to a Honduran’s heart is to be able to dance well.

PDA & Chivalry

Men from Honduras often show courtesy when beginning a relationship. So, things like opening the door, carrying heavy bags, or helping women are normal.

To some extent, it comes from the fact that they can be rather misogynistic, but also from the need to charm their possible partner.

Along with it, many Honduran men are very romantic when it comes to public displays of affection.

They like to express their love through handholding, hugging, and even kissing.

close up portrait of Honduran man

Romantic gestures also include gift-giving and dates. They usually think it’s only right to express themselves through actions and physical activities.

They have big hearts, and they’re always eager to show it. It can almost reach the point where serenading is a common practice to shout their love for their special partner.

Thus, if you prefer keeping your relationship behind closed doors, maybe dating a Honduran isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy showcasing your love, then these men will do so gladly.

The American-Beauty Standard

There’s an implied beauty standard for Honduran men. Stereotypically, it’s known that whiter women are more attractive, or at least perceived by society to be more attractive.

Independent of facial features, light skin and hair get more attention from the men in Honduras.

In general, they’re more than willing to go out with all the ladies, despite their race and skin color. However, there is a clear preference for the typical American beauty, like the women from Texas we’ve talked about in a previous article.

So if you are coming from that part of the world, you definitely have an advantage. But even if you are that stereotypical beautiful Canadian girl, if you don’t really tick on a personal level, things will still not work out.

Because there’s more than just looks that makes relationships work anywhere in the world, not just in Honduras.

But, for starters, the lighter the skin you have, the more likely it is that you’re going to find yourself with male attention while in Honduras.

It isn’t clear if they’re seeking this to partner up outside their country, or if it’s a standardized view provided by the stereotypes of beauty. Still, this unconscious behavior remains to this day.

Don’t Wait Up!

If you happen to have a date with the Honduran, and he arrives half an hour later, don’t take it personally. It’s within their culture to not be on time for most of their meetings.

They’re not used to being there when they are supposed to, so they all know to take precautions when it comes time.

Always consider their late arrival. If you’re someone who values punctuality beyond all, this might bother you a bit.

They Are Looking for Long-Term Commitment

Honduran man enjoying the outdoors

One-night stands aren’t uncommon in this country. Looking for just a fun night can definitely be possible.

However, long-term relationships are usually the norm in society. Men from Honduras value stability and dedication in romantic relationships.

Ladies can find the perfect husband in a Honduran man. Moreover, they don’t mind marrying outside their culture!

Craving Honesty

Honesty is a fundamental part of any good relationship. When two people find the commitment and be honest with each other, they have the basis for success.

Furthermore, honesty implies an oath in thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions. This allows sincere communication.

When discussing the qualities of a perfect woman, Honduran men described sincerity as one of the top characteristics. So make sure you tick this box too.

Now, with the men from Honduras, this is a double-edged sword. It’s important to consider that even though they expect honesty, not all of them are willing to give it in return.

They crave a loyal partner to stand by their side. So, mutually open communication is necessary to solve conflicts and grow the bond with the perfect Honduran man.

A Goal to His Heart

Soccer is extremely popular in Honduras. Out of all the sports, it’s the most important, especially among men.

Enjoying the same things as your partner will you allow sharing exciting moments, like watching and discussing the matches together.

This is why it’s recommended to get acquainted with the sport if you don’t know much about it.

When they’re not working, you can usually find Hondurans with a bottle of beer watching the game. So, don’t hesitate to kick a goal to his heart with your soccer knowledge.

Key Takeaways about Men from Honduras

  1. Women are important and to be respected and cared for. Nevertheless, when it comes to relationships, men have the final word. Hondurans are chivalrous and will treat you like a lady. In return, they expect nearly blind loyalty.
  2. Romance and public displays of affection are the right way to show your partner that you love them. The grander the action, the clearer their feelings for her. Along with this, they’re not afraid to spend some money to prove their point.
  3. Dancing and soccer are the way to their hearts. Having something in common with them will definitely boost you when trying for a proper relationship. These two topics are a generality among them. Study up!


According to the Honduran man, the perfect woman should be honest, good-looking, and hard-working.

Do you have these characteristics? Are you interested in what was mentioned of what to anticipate from a man from Honduras? Then, you shouldn’t wait any longer and leap at the chance to date one!

And, as always, if you have personal experience with men from Honduras, don’t hesitate to let us all know what it was like. The more opinions we have on this topic, the clearer the picture we can paint.

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2 thoughts on “Everything about Men from Honduras: What to Expect in a Relationship”

  1. Well, I’ve dated a man from Honduras and from my experience he’s very passionate, the love making is next level!!♡ BUT for me being a strong independent Native American woman who works in the legal field as a Litigation Paralegal and has a lot of ties and involvements in the community and being apart of carnival club with going to lots of parties he is VERY jealous and insecure and accuses me of being with other men ALL the time which couldn’t be further from the truth!

    I love this man with every ounce of my being, but after 2yrs of constantly defending myself and the amount of jealously and insecurities he has is emotionally draining. If you could see my text expressing my love for this man constantly and just checking in with him throughout the day I can’t see how he doesn’t feel secure about my love for him.

    When we’re together, the chemistry and passion we share when we’re making love is something that I’ve NEVER had with anyone! He makes me feel some desired and comfortable. I just don’t know what else I can do to make this relationship work and just be happy. It most be said his insecurities and his jealously is not because of me or anything I did he just knows I have a very big personality and very outgoing and I have a lot of friends and that’s not something that will change so I just need to do a lot of soul searching and figure out how much longer I can defend myself and constantly trying to prove and defend my loyalty to him.

    What is funny is the double standards for example, he calls me and I don’t answer it will follow with a text accusing me of being with a man, but when I facetime him he doesn’t answer so convinces himself that I’m doing wrong by him and I could NEVER do something like that, BUT when I call or facetime him I am not supposed to say or do anything I’m supposed to just wait for him to decide to call or facetime me. It’s like a damn emotional roller-coaster. Someone please help!!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and sorry to hear that things are not going flawlessly. Jealousy is indeed difficult to deal with and Honduran men tend to be jealous, as mentioned in the article.

      But since this is not appearing to tune down, maybe it’s time for you to take a honest, deep talk with yourself and decide if this emotional rollercoaster is worth it or not.


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