Surabaya, Indonesia: Travel & Girls Guide

If you’re looking to meet Indonesian girls in a second-tier city, then Surabaya is your best bet. We’re going to talk about this generally overlooked and the underrated city today and see why I like it so much.

If we’re talking about the ladies alone, many people I met have said that girls are just as amazing in Surabaya as they are in Jakarta. I do agree with this statement, even though I only spend a brief period of time in the city. But it was enough to see how things are!

There were some really cute girls in this city and a number of them had never dated a “bule” (that’s how they call foreigners) before.

Yeah, foreign men will have some high value here – so you already have an advantage if you’re not a local.

Quick details about Surabaya, Indonesia

street of Surabaya
Colorful street in Surabaya.

Population: Around 3 million, but the metro is sitting at nearly 10 million – so plenty of people to meet here.

Weather: Hot and humid. Surabaya is a tropical city with temperatures that hover between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit daily (so expect lows of 26.5 degrees Celsius).

Safety: Surabaya, Indonesia is quite a safe city. You shouldn’t have much to worry about if you’ve traveled before. Just use your common sense and you’ll be fine!

MUSTS: From a tourism standpoint, Surabaya isn’t a bustling hotspot like Bali is. However, there is one MUST see place in this city.

If you’re going to visit Surabaya, then make sure to check out the Bromo Volcano. I personally had a great time going on a midnight tour to this active volcano and would definitely recommend it.

Surabaya main attraction
Another popular attraction in Surabaya

Apartment Prices: Finding a reasonable monthly rental in this city isn’t as easy as you’d expect, as there just isn’t that much tourism here.

However, you can find a studio around Tunjungan Plaza (the best area to stay in Surabaya) for $500-950 a month with a little effort. Check out the offers here – book in advance for amazing deals!

Hostel Dorm Prices: $7-12 a night, but I wouldn’t recommend staying in one while living the bachelor lifestyle. You need at least a room that’s all yours to be able to bring home the ladies, right?

Nightlife in Surabaya, Indonesia: As a mini-Jakarta, you’ll find nightlife in Surabaya is decent. However, I wouldn’t expect anything like Jakarta or Bali.

I normally had a date on my arm during my short stay in this city, so I didn’t get a chance to pick up much at night. I decided to play it safe and used Indonesian Cupid before getting there, where I met a few really nice locals.

Sometimes, I just like to play it safe. And as I get older, “sometimes” becomes “always”. Ha!

However, there were a few spots I visited that seemed to be solid for finding a date:

  • Coyote Bar
  • Colors Pub
  • M-One Club

If you’re in the city and looking to go out at night, start with these venues and then go from there. Asking girls on Tinder about what’s hot and what’s not is always a good idea.

Price of a Beer: $2-7

Price of a Bottle: $40-200

Online Dating in Surabaya: You’re definitely going to need online dating in Surabaya to meet some nice chicks, especially if you’re only in the city for a week or two.

Luckily, the same protocol that works throughout Indonesia will treat you well here. The combination of Tinder and Indonesian Cupid should ensure you have as many dates as your “bule” heart desires in Surabaya.

As I mentioned already, I actually started planning for my trip a couple of weeks before, on Indonesian Cupid. I connected with a few girls and they were already waiting for me when I got there.

Pro tip: Tell each one that you’ll get to Surabaya on a different date (leave one day in between). This way, you can have a new girl each day, and she will be extremely happy thinking she’s the first and probably the only you meet.

Just remember the English levels may not be that great here.

Chance of Hooking Up in Surabaya: 8/10

If you pipeline hard and approach when you have an opportunity day and night, there’s no reason you can’t make some really good looking female friends while in the city.

It’s true that even though the city is good sized, you won’t have as many girls as Jakarta or as many tourists as Bali. So you’ll need to focus harder on your top prospects to ensure you get the results you desire.

Are the Girls Beautiful in Surabaya, Indonesia?: Definitely. I was actually surprised by the quality here.

For a second tier city in Asia, there were definitely some amazing chicks here. As Jakarta is pretty far away, the most beautiful girls in East Java all migrate to Surabaya. This leaves a solid selection of beauties to choose from.

Language Barrier: English is not great here. You’ll definitely find English speakers, but a little Bahasa will go a long way in Surabaya. For online dating, you should be alright, as many of the girls will make an effort in English.

Work Available?: There are a few professional jobs here and a couple more for English teachers. However, you won’t find much work here.

If you’re looking for work, Surabaya isn’t the best option. If you’re a digital nomad looking to base up off the beaten path, this could be the perfect Indonesian city for you.

Taxi/Uber: I used taxis while I was in Surabaya, as Uber wasn’t established yet. However, from what I’ve been hearing, Uber works well in this city now.

Bachelor Budget Needed: $1,300-2,000 depending on your apartment rental and how much you’re eating out. This is definitely a city you could live in for under $1,500 a month and still have a great time.

Surabaya, Indonesia Overall: I was a fan. The next time I’m back in Indonesia, I’ll definitely be spending a month in this city.

Highly recommended for digital nomads who enjoy getting away from other foreigners and have enough work to keep them occupied during the day. Surabaya is the best city in Indonesia outside Bali and Jakarta.

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