Amazing List of Danish Boy Names and Their Meaning

Today we’re going to look at a huge list of Danish names for boys so you can choose a perfect name for your little Viking – or to learn what your name means, if it’s of Nordic and especially Danish origins.

If you have a boy (or are about to have one) and want him to have a traditional Danish name, this article is the only one you need to check out.

When possible, I will also share with you the actual translation of the name or what it basically means. This makes it even easier to choose a truly amazing name for your little bundle of joy.

The good thing about Danish names is that they sound really cool in English, with many of them being pretty much unique abroad and with a highly masculine, powerful sound to them.

list of danish boy names

Some are difficult to pronounce and might not be a great choice – depending on where you live – but you will have them all listed below and you can decide how easy or difficult it is to pronounce them. Also, if they sound good or not.

I personally really like the way Danish male names sound and decided to give my son such a name. He’s really happy with it too and I am sure this is not a singular occurrence.

List of Traditional Danish Male Names

Now, without further ado, let’s check out this huge list of Danish boy names below and their meaning. I’m listing them in alphabetical order, so it’s easier to follow.

  • Arne (can be translated as “Ruler” but can also mean “Eagle”)
  • Asger / Ansgrar (names that makes you think about Thor; they mean “Spear of God”)
  • Arthur (is associated with “king” and sometimes “bear”)
  • Aksel (“Father of Peace”)
  • Alfred (means “Elf Counselor” or “Wise Counselor” – so Batman’s butler name wasn’t chosen randomly, apparently!)
  • Aleksander (A common name with a different spelling, meaning “Defender of Man”)
  • Bjarke (Means “bear” or “strong as a bear”)
  • Bendt (“The Blessed One”)
  • Casper (While it make make some of us think about the friendly ghost, it actually means “treasured”)
  • Christen / Christian (“Christian man”)
  • Christoffer (“One who loves Christ”)
  • Dedric / Dedrick (Old Danish male name meaning “power of the tribe”)
  • Dag (Means “Day”)
  • Erik / Eirik (ruler, king)
  • Edvin (the wealthy one)
  • Eluf (the only heir)
  • Espen / Esben (Ruler of the bears)
  • Einar (The one who fights alone)
danish male names
  • Frode (The wise one)
  • Frederick (The peaceful ruler)
  • Folke (The guardian of people)
  • Gunnar (Fighter, warrior)
  • Gudbrand (Sword of god)
  • Holger (The island of the spears)
  • Hjalmar (Infantry fighter)
  • Hagen (The most important son)
  • Haki (Justice, Rightfulness)
  • Ib (The follower of God)
  • Jasper / Jesper (The king of treasures)
  • Jorn / Jorg / Jorgen (All these names mean “farmer”)
  • Jerrik (Forever a ruler)
  • Jannik (Mercy of God)
  • Knud (the name means “Knot” but it does sound good, doesn’t it?)
  • Kennet (The handsome boy)
  • Konrad (Bold counselor)
  • Karl (Manly)
viking baby boy
  • Linus (Son of God, but real meaning not known)
  • Lasse (Victory of the people)
  • Lars (Crowned with laurels)
  • Lennard / Lennart (Brave lion)
  • Magnus (Great, amazing)
  • Mads (Present of the Gods)
  • Mikkel (Godlike)
  • Mogens (Amazing)
  • Manfred (Enforcer of Peace)
  • Nikolaj (The triumph of the people)
  • Niels (Same thing – triumph of the people)
  • Njord (Strong)
  • Oscar / Oskar (The spear of God)
  • Odin (Defender)
  • Oluf / Olaf (Descendant)
  • Oleg (Holy)
  • Osvald (Divine power)
  • Peder / Petter / Per (Rock)
  • Pascal (Born during Easter)
  • Patrik (Nobleman)
  • Rasmus (The dearest)
  • Rune (Secret Lore)
  • Rolf (Legendary Wolf)
  • Ruben (This is my son)
  • Ragnar (Powerful counselor)
  • Sven / Svend (Boy)
  • Stig / Stigr (The path)
  • Stefan / Steffen (The ruler with a crown)
  • Sune (Son)
  • Soren (Severe, Strict)
  • Torbjorn (The bear of Thor)
  • Thor / Tor (Tunder or God of Thunder)
  • Tore (Thor’s warrior)
  • Tyge (The one who always hits the target)
  • Ulrik (one from a rich heritage)
  • Ulf (Wolfman)
  • Vilfred (The one who seeks peace)
  • Vidar (Son of Odin)
  • Viggo (War or warrior)
  • Vilmar (Strong willed)

Wrapping up

The trend worldwide is to start moving away from traditional names and go for uniqueness instead.

The good thing is what is traditional in a country can be unique or at least uncommon in another.

While some of the common male names in Denmark are becoming more and more popular worldwide, you do have a lot of unique options above. And even if they’re not unique, they sound great.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what the trends are. What matters is for you to choose a name that you’re satisfied with, one that you will be happy with forever.

It’s not an easy job to pick the name of your child, but it’s a lot easier when you have a list such as the one above on hand.

If it’s still not enough, you can check out other suggestion on my list of Viking names, or if you are planning to have a girl, a Norwegian girl’s name might be perfect too.

So… did you decide? What is your favorite Danish name for males? Let us all know by commenting below!

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