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My Dream of Living in an Asian Country for Three Months (at Least)

Yes, one of my dreams in life is to live – for at least three months – in an Asian country. The Philippines is the first country that comes to mind, but I would not say no to Thailand, Indonesia… any country in Asia. Because their culture, so different from my European culture, and the people, and the views, and everything seems so amazing. And every time I just think about that I sigh and start hoping that one day it will be possible.

Because, right now, it’s not possible – there are many factors that influence my decision as it probably happens in the case of many other people who want to start their adventure – or their new life – and simply can’t.

The first and most important thing is the (lack of) money. I make around $1,000 per month and I hope that soon these numbers will increase – and fortunately it all comes from online businesses, which means that I can do it from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. But $1,000 (combined with the $3,000 that I have in the bank) is not a lot. On the contrary…

I did hear, like many of you probably did, that you can easily live with $1,000 per month in the Philippines, since the prices are really low but… is it really possible? I saw reports of people saying that for one person, they spend a minimum of $1,200 per month…. and that worries me.

And what worries me most is the fact that I am not single. I am married to a beautiful woman who is working hard in our country, but things would be different in The Philippines for example. Most likely she would have no place to work and I think that taking her under my wing and have her helping me with my online business would only give us, in the best case, an extra $200.

So we would have, for two people, the monthly money that some say it’s the minimum sum to live in the Philippines. And that just made me sigh again.

Will I give up? No! I will work constantly and harder than ever, as I always did, with only one goal in mind: to manage to reach a monthly income that would allow me and my wife to move and live in the Philippines for three months. I don’t want a vacation there – I will keep working too, I know that – but it would be in a different setting. It would be in another world. It would be a different culture. An adventure I feel has to be part of my life.

And now, more than ever, I feel that it is possible. Or, better said, it will be possible sometime soon: after finding the blog of Earl, a permanent nomad as he says he is, I got encouraged. After reading his truly inspirational Living Abroad For Less Than $1000 Per Month article, I started to get my hopes up. And now, more than ever, I want to do it. And I know I will be able to do it, because he could. I would not be alone. And even though I sighed again and even though it will be hard, I will try to do it.

So I will follow my dream and never give it up. And maybe some day, pretty soon, I will be able to post on this blog from the Philippines. That would be the day I’d be the happiest ever in my life.

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