Where to Stay in Chisinau: The 7 Best Hotels in the City

Moldova’s capital is a true undiscovered gem. It is very cheap, there is a lot to see and do, and the women are gorgeous as well.

Today, though, we’re talking where to stay in Chisinau. Although small, there are tons of options and you probably need help to decide. Best part? They’re all extremely cheap for the quality you get!

So… what are the best Chisinau hotels – the most comfortable, well-located, and offering high price/quality ratios?

If you don’t want to go through the entire article and read the reviews, here is a quick summary:

HotelQuick factsBooking link
Edem Hotel – Best budget3 stars, centrally located, has pool & extremely cheapCheck prices for your dates
Hotel Villa NataliBudget alternative, 3 stars, basic & cheapCheck prices for your dates
Komilfo Hotel3 stars, mid-range prices, excellent location, great rooms & serviceCheck prices for your dates
Thomas Albert Hotel4 stars, more high brow, great rooms, not very central, but still good locationCheck prices for your dates
Bristol Central Park Hotel4 stars, amazing location, very modern and niceCheck prices for your dates
Lion’s Hotel4 stars, amazing hotel, jaw-dropping features, great rooms & qualityCheck prices for your dates
GREGORY Boutique Hotel Chisinau – Best Choice5-star luxury, simply amazing, best choice although very expensiveCheck prices for your dates

Budget-Friendly Chisinau Hotels

Yes, almost all Chisinau hotels can be considered budget if you compare to the prices in other European capitals. Here are two great options that give you the best value.

Edem Hotel – Best Budget Hotel

Edem Hotel Chisinau with Pool

The Edem Hotel, located in the heart of Chisinau, is one of those places where you go ‘What is the catch?

For a really good price per night, you get a nice room for two in the center of the city. The hotel is small and cosy, but not so much so that you are feeling watched.

There is even a sauna, although maybe be careful with that. It is actually outside the building. Bring a coat, don’t just come out in your towel.

Or just enjoy the small but very welcome outdoors pool, if the weather allows. There aren’t many 3-star hotels in Chisinau that offer one.

The Wi-Fi is pretty strong. The breakfast is tasty if you enjoy the local cuisine. Vegans and vegetarians might struggle to find good options, though.

The downside to the Edem Hotel is the location. It is central, that much is true, but not in the best of areas possible. I’d call the area a bit dodgy. Not unsafe – but better take a taxi when you are coming back from the club at night.

Check prices for your dates here

Hotel Villa Natali

Hotel Vila Natali

If you’re really on a budget, there won’t be a better deal than Villa Natali hotel.

It’s located in a great area, very close to the city center, beautiful parks and all of the great restaurants in Chisinau, but without being too noise.

It’s also really close to the Dianmo stadium, so if you travel to support your favorite football team, it’s a perfect choice.

Now, don’t expect this to be a super high brow hotel. It is a cheap three star hotel that keeps things pretty basics – from the room to the breakfast, but without giving you any reasons to complain.

The beds are comfortable, the cleanliness is excellent, and some rooms have a balcony with a nice view of the city.

Finally, the staff are very friendly and they speak very good English. Even if an issue comes up, these people have plenty of experience and they can probably handle it just fine.

Check prices for your dates here

Middle Range Chisinau Hotels

At a slightly higher price point, you get some quite impressive accommodation. Once again, Chisinau accommodation is great value for all budgets.

Definitely try a hotel from this category if you’re not on a strict budget, but still not looking for decadent luxury either, ha!

Komilfo Hotel

Komilfo Hotel

The Komfilo Hotel is central, beautiful, friendly, and a double room will only set you back around 75 Euros per night, depending when you visit. (Double check prices to make sure as many factors affect them!)

The area is quiet but very close to points of interest. It is also in a more ‘expensive’ neighborhood, so no need to go through dodgy streets just to get to your hotel.

Another awesome thing about the Komfilo is that you get a free transfer to the airport. It’s only one way but still a pretty convenient offer.

Arriving at the Chisinau airport after an exhausting flight, the last thing you want is to spend time looking for a taxi/making sure it is a legitimate one (you can’t always tell).

Finally, the wireless speed is great. You can be confident that whatever work you need to do on your trip, you will have the Wi-Fi needed.

Check prices for your dates here

Thomas Albert Hotel

Thomas Albert Hotel room

Here is the single hotel outside the canter that made it to this list. Why? Well, for starters, it isn’t that far away anyways.

But more than that, the Thomas Albert quite possibly has the best price to amazing quality ratio. You get some gorgeous rooms, very strong Wi-Fi connection, and a pool.

Plus the area is very charming as well. It is in the historical heart of Chisinau – a quiet and beautiful neighborhood that you would want to pay a visit to anyway.

Be prepared to take some Ubers or taxis, though. The Thomas Albert is within a reasonably small distance to the center by day, but you would not want to stumble back from a night out all the way there.

Check prices for your dates here

Bristol Central Park Hotel – best Mid-Range Hotel

Bristol Central Park Hotel

This one is the best mid-range hotel you can find in Chisinau, in my opinion.

It could not be more central (you literally have a view of the Parliament from some rooms), the staff is friendly and efficient, and the décor is amazing.

For the ultimate homebodies (or, erm, hotelbodies?) there is plenty of entertainment available inside the hotel:

  • Casino
  • Bowling Alley
  • Sushi House
  • Italian-Style Pizzeria
  • A Coffee Shop
  • Fancy Bar Area
  • An Irish Pub
  • Gift Shop

I have never been to Las Vegas, but that is kind of what I imagine it to be like. The Bristol Park hotel also has a great gym with state-of-art equipment.

And it is not that expensive either. A night there in a double room will set you back around 100-120 euro, depending on the room you choose. You can’t even get a decent hostel room for that money in other European countries – like Iceland, for example.

Oh, and the breakfast is excellent. You even get some traditional local breakfast food options. There are plenty of vegetarian and even vegan foods as well and your stay will be simply perfect here.

After all, this is one of the best rated hotels in the city.

Check prices for your dates here

Luxury Chisinau Hotels

The more expensive hotels in Chisinau would be a great choice for a business trip or if you want to impress your long-distance Moldovian girlfriend. Also, if you just want to treat yourself, go for any of these two. Luxury at its finest!

Lion’s Hotel

Lions Hotel Chisinau

Although rated at “just” 4 stars, this hotel is absolutely amazing. Jaw-dropping beautiful. A real experience to stay here.

Sure, it’s a bit more expensive, but still cheap if you compare the level of service and quality with the actual price you’re paying.

The rooms are large and beautiful and well maintained, the bathrooms have a nice feature: a glass wall that opens up to the room (but you have drapes if you need privacy) and the beds are very comfortable.

It has a restaurant where you can really treat yourself – for example, order the burger with actual gold flakes on it. Never seen that anywhere else. I have to admit that I didn’t have it… but you can.

Back to the hotel, it’s located in the heart of Chisinau, within walking distance to most of the central attractions, including the best clubs, pubs and restaurants.

The service here is amazing, the staff speaks great English and they pay close attention to making sure that you’re comfortable. A really good choice if you have a bit more to spend.

Check prices for your dates here

GREGORY Boutique Hotel Chisinau – Editor’s Choice

GREGORY Boutique Hotel Chisinau

If you want to experience true greatness, then this 5-star boutique hotel is where you need to spend the night. Or more.

While a bit on the smaller side – like all boutique hotels – it has an amazing design. Huge rooms, beautiful furniture, perfect service and staff and absolutely delicious food.

It’s located on a very quiet and safe street, it offers private parking too and is still very close to the center and the main attractions in the city.

Some of the rooms have spectacular view over Chisinau – but all of them are comfortable, relaxing and simply amazing.

If you want super high quality, this is the place to choose for your stay.

PRO Tip: On occasions, I’ve seen its rates even lower than Lion’s Hotel or even the Bristol Central Park, so definitely check it out – it might not be as prohibitively expensive as you might think.

Check prices for your dates here

Why Choose a Hotel in Chisinau vs. Apartment Rentals

For some countries, Airbnb (or your preferred flat rental service) is almost always a better idea than an actual hotel. Moldova is not one of them.

Here is why I recommend to choose a hotel instead:

  • The living standard here is quite low. Even higher-end hotels will probably look cheap to you. Getting a rental will not help your budget that much, but there might be a big difference in terms of quality.
  • Some of the flats on offer might look deceiving on the website. Chisinau is not even that large, but you would be surprised at how far away from the center a ‘central apartment’ can turn out to be.
  • At hotels, you get some services which Airbnb hosts can’t deliver. Breakfast? A gym? An official-looking bill to present to your company? Very few hosts can do that – and probably none can tick all those boxes.

So, even though rentals make sense in other parts of the world, you are much better off sticking with hotels here – even the internet speed, which matters a lot nowadays, is excellent in hotels.

I’ve seen 500MBs speeds at Gregory, for example, and all the others offer more than enough in terms of the speed of internet.

After all, Moldova is one of the countries where you can live for as low as $500 per month – ideally $750 to afford more, but they still offer high quality living for such low costs.

Choosing Chisinau Hotels: What To Look For/ What Not To Fall For

First off, when it comes to choosing your hotel, define your hotel expectations.

Everyone has different standards and what seems perfectly acceptable to me might look like barely a step away from a homeless shelter to you.

If you are into luxury, go for luxury. You have solid options above.

There are some great Chisinau hotels at the high-end price level. If you just want a friendly place to stay (and maybe bring Moldova girls over), no need to go overboard.

Pick a decent place with a central location and spend whatever you save on a nice meal. It’s perfectly fine to do so, in my opinion.

One thing people tend to forget is the gym.

It is so easy to fall off the bandwagon and forget to exercise when you are travelling. Although there are some awesome bodyweight exercises you can do in any hotel room, if you are going for more than a week, a fitness center is probably a good idea.

You could get a day/week pass for a local gym if your hotel does not have one, but choosing a hotel equipped with at least some machines is much less fuss.

All in all, know what your requirements are, know what your budget it and choose a hotel that’s centrally located – like the ones listed above.

Final words

Being such a cheap (although beautiful) country, Moldova offers some amazing deals to foreigners looking for a place to stay. The accommodation in Chisinau – including the luxury options, will still be budget friendly.

So, no matter what your budget is, you will surely find an amazing stay on the list of great hotels I shared above.

Other than all that, have fun in Moldova and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below!

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