Chiang Mai Girls: EVERYTHING You Need to Know about Them

If you’re looking for a “second tier” city (I’d consider it more like a 1.5 actually) to meet some Thai girls, Chiang Mai is a great bet.

Modern, a massive nomad hub, and overall much cleaner than Bangkok. The Chiang Mai girls are very friendly (like all Thai girls), there’s interesting things to do, and it’s a pleasant place overall.

Of course, you’ll probably be against some of the toughest competition in Thailand since there are so many foreigners in the area, and the girls don’t really care too much for the fact that you’re a foreigner.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find girls to make friends with in Chiang Mai. On the contrary, the city still has plenty who prefer to spend time with foreigners – so if that’s your case, you are already at an advantage.

There is a lot more to Chiang Mai than just the entertainment part, and I will cover everything in today’s article – so let’s find out everything there is to be known about the city!

Everything about Girls in Chiang Mai

thai dancing girl

But, of course, we’ll start with the ladies – since this is the main reason why you are here, judging from the title of this article.

Is there any night life in Chiang Mai?

Yes, there is and it’s surprisingly fantastic. I won’t tell you it’s a Bangkok, Jakarta or a Bali, but it’s pretty solid overall. Here are a few of my spots I enjoyed:

  • Fabriq
  • Monkey Club
  • Discovery
  • Warm Up

Of course, nightlife is always changing. Your best bet is to hit up some of the local Chiang Mai people and ask what’s going on these days.

You can do so on sites like Thai Cupid which is a premium online dating site where you’ll have a ton of success meeting ladies looking for relationships.

But the truth is that this city is so alive and nomad-friendly that you will find somebody to talk to at literally every corner. You don’t have to wait for the night to arrive to be able to make lots of friends with both the locals and the expats.

Are Chiang Mai Girls Beautiful? 

Yes, absolutely. For us international travelers and digital nomads, Bangkok is one of the creams of the crop. Chiang Mai is a sleeper and even though no longer a hidden gem, it’s still not as popular as other of the better known destinations for travelers.

While it’s so much smaller, it’s easy to classify it as a Tier 2 city, but in reality it’s not. You have everything you want and need here, including a really low cost of living – which is always a bonus.

Online Dating in Chiang Mai

The city can seem small at times, so you’ll definitely want to be utilizing online dating when you’re there.

Make sure you’re on both Thai Cupid and Tinder, and you’ll have more dates than you have time for. Of course, you should find time to actually meet the girls and get to know them, but the idea is that the pool is really large and you have plenty of options to choose from.

Don’t forget – you don’t have to be a bad guy or a “player.” Genuine ladies in Thailand – Chaing Mai included – don’t like this type of behavior and prefer men who are looking for a longer term commitment.

You can sign up to Thai Cupid here.

Daygame & Nightgame in Chiang Mai, Thailand

chiang mai festival


If the thought of stopping a girl on the street has you shaking in your boots – you’re not alone! Many guys out there have struggled with this before, and it’s tough.

But in Thailand, it’s definitely easier.

For starters, you’ll definitely want to be out and about exploring the cities, cafes, and everything else. These are great opportunities to go indirect with cute girls who are near you.

For example, if you’re in a coffee shop and there’s a nice girl next to you, just ask for her help translating something. Or if she knows the WiFi password. Perhaps even if she has some recommendations for a drink.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. Just start talking, and you’ll see that everybody is ready to reply. She might say “no” in the end, but girls here usually tend to be soft when rejecting, so they won’t make you feel like a fool.

In fact, if you want to go that way – take a piece of paper out with you. Write your name and phone number on it, and walk up to girls and just give it to them. You’ll be surprised how often this will work.

Thai girls want to meet foreigners, and you have tremendous value in this part of the world. It’s why the paper method works.

It might be a bit more difficult in Chiang Mai simply because it’s a city so full of expats, nomads and travelers… but it’s totally worth it.

Nightgame in Thailand

This is going to vary based off of which city you’re in. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Bangkok’s nightlife is legendary. Some of the islands are a crazy time.

But, then you’ve got places like Chiang Mai which are a bit more reserved.

Here are some general nightlife tips that will help you conquer the crazy scene that is Thai nightlife:

  • Dress The Part: All girls like a man who is put together. While it can be a bit hot to wear a full-fledged suit… it still never hurt. Even a simple, well-put together blazer, nice dress shoes, and a solid v-neck t-shirt will do wonders. Don’t be the guy who shows up in flip-flops like a typical tourist.
  • Get A Bottle: It’s cheaper than it will be anywhere else in the world, and allows you a “home base”.
  • Consider Coming With Earplugs: Some places are incredibly loud. Add in a language barrier, drunk people tripping over you, and other nightlife obstacles – it’s hard to communicate with a girl (just make sure they’re already in before you start talking – don’t put them in while talking to her, that’s just weird). Wearing earplugs for parts of the night will help keep your hearing intact, make it easier to communicate, and help…
  • Your Stamina: Nights go late in Thailand. Be prepared to party until the brink of dawn. Drinking an espresso in the middle of the night (1am) will give you a lot of staying power.

As a final note, don’t be too pushy and try to get her to your home as soon as you meet her. They might respect you for trying, but there is a point where trying too hard is too much. This is also going to be dependent on the situation that she is in, socially.

charming thai girl

For example, if she’s out with a group of ten people, you can be 100% sure that she will go back home with them. She needs to save face with her social group. But, she’ll gladly give you her number for a future date!

If she’s just one with one friend – who she seems close to, and won’t judge her, guess what? You might be lucky. But don’t take “no” as a horrible failure. In the end, you’re here to build a relationship, not to play games.

General Interaction Tips (Day & Night)

Here are some good tips for interacting with girls during the day or night. In no particular order:

Drop the “PUA” Stuff

You don’t need to be overtly cocky, neg a girl, or do any of the other ridiculous things that PUAs do (“Peacocking” being my favorite). While being a bit of an ass definitely is necessary in the west, you’re more likely to scare a girl off in Thailand.

Probably all of the decent girls (and even those who are not that decent) will be turned off by this type of silly behavior.

Generally speaking, being a confident, well-presented, and well-spoken man will get you much further with Thai women than any routines, lines, or negs will get you.

Cater Your Talks With Thai Women

Though I said you should steer clear of too many gimmicks, girls in different cities are going to respond differently.

For example, girls in Pattaya or Bangkok have probably already met a foreigner before. Especially if you’re hanging out in the expat places. Same goes for Chiang Mai, one of the most popular nomad hubs in the country.

But, in other cities, it’s possible you may be the first foreigner she has ever interacted with.

You’ll probably need to be a bit more cocky and playful with the girls who are already familiar with foreigners. They’re also more likely to understand sarcasm – plus, some of the general western quirks and dating culture guidelines.

Other Information about Chiang Mai

chiang mai park

Language: Chiang Mai is a huge hub of universities. There is no reason whatsoever a language barrier should slow you down. Most of the girls are young and have spoken English their entire lives.

Transit: Very cheap, very efficient. You can use public transit, buy a bicycle or motorcycle, or take taxis (be careful about getting ripped off).

Work: English teaching in Thailand might be the most-taken digital nomad job out there in the world. It’s available in Chiang Mai, salaries relevant on experience.

But it’s always a great idea to come there if you already have a source of income, no matter if it’s savings, remote work or you have your own gig.

Population: ~150,000 in the city center, and roughly a million if you count the entire metro area.

Weather: One word: misery. Absolute misery. In the summer you can expect it to be 100 degrees (F), with 100% humidity. You’ve been warned.

Safety: Very safe. Far less sketchy than Bangkok, but as always be cautious with the Thai bar girls.

Cost of Living in Chiang Mai

Apartment Prices: This is the steal of the century in Chiang Mai, though I can’t promise it’ll be like this for long.

Generally speaking, you can get a pretty solid one bedroom apartment in the city center for 10,000 baht – that’s barely $300 USD.

You can do it even cheaper if you don’t mind living a bus ride away from the city. Reasonable bus ride, too, ten minutes or so.

Of course, at the higher end you could spend $500 USD and probably get a pretty nice luxury condo with a couple of bedrooms.

All of these prices are assuming month to month leases. Chiang Mai is built to house a lot of people, and it shows.

Hostels: Cheap as a Thai street meal (more on that below). Well, not quite… but seriously, it’s so cheap.

It makes it harder to get those Chiang Mai girls home, but you can get creative if you really have to. However, it’s much better to just up the $15 a night for an apartment or a hotel.

Food: You can get a Thai street meal (in regards to the quality I make no promises, ha!) for a dollar.

A nice meal out with Chiang Mai girls at a decent restaurant will run you $10 for two of you.

It’s completely reasonable to eat for $250 or so a month in Chiang Mai. Even as I write this guide, I’m reminded fondly of my times there and just how cheap and affordable it was, especially for the way I lived.

Of course, if you’re all about Western food and burgers and higher class restaurants, expect to pay a premium. $10 or more per dish in that case… so there’s a bit of everything for every budget.

Cost of a Beer: Don’t pay more than $2.50 USD (80 or so baht). At some places you’ll find it for $1.

Bottle Poppin’: To me, CM just didn’t have the Las Vegas esque vibe that you’d find in Bangkok.

It’s more university, which means cheap pubs and not as many high-end ballers. Still, if you want the bottle service you can do it for less than $50, easily.


Chiang Mai is incredibly underrated in terms of girls, nightlife, and overall quality of life. You get incredible value.

However, this probably will not last forever. Best to get there sooner rather than later – it is already becoming the go-to destination for digital nomads visiting Thailand.

As always, if you’ve got questions or comments about Chiang Mai, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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