Best Hotels Near the Belgrade International Airport (Nikola Tesla)

The Belgrade International Airport, officially named Nikola Tesla Airport, is pretty far away from the city’s center and much closer to what it’s called New Belgrade, the posh new area near the city that’s bustling with life and offers a lot in terms of business opportunities and entertainment.

So if you want to be close to the New Belgrade area or just closer to the airport itself, finding a good hotel near the Belgrade International Airport is the way to go.

And I have that sorted out for you as I did all the research and came back with the best results: I’m sharing with you the absolute best hotels near the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, so that you don’t have to waste time searching for a good place to stay.

And you should prepare to be pleasantly surprised! Hotels in Serbia are really, really cheap and the quality offered by the ones I’ve selected below is amazing – something similar would probably cost you double or more in other parts of the world!

The best part is that you don’t have to stay in the city center in order to experience the high quality of service and that well known Balkan hospitality. You will feel just as welcome if you choose a hotel farther away from the old city center, but closer to the Belgrade International Airport and New Belgrade!

Plus, if you want to head over to the city center itself, taxi rides are dirt cheap and you can get to the old town relatively fast, if you want to check out the attractions there.

But without further ado, let’s check out the best hotels near the Nikola Tesla Airport in Beograd.

I’m listing them from the cheapest to the most expensive at the moment of writing, but do have in mind that changes occur at all times and you could find better rates for your dates at some of the hotels that are normally more expensive. This means that you should check them all and see which one suits you best.

Because no matter which one of my recommendations below you choose, I am sure you’ll absolutely love the hotel, the service and your stay. So here are the best hotels near the Belgrade Airport in Serbia:

Airport Hotel Garni

This hotel is not just the cheapest on the list at the moment of writing, but also closest to the airport. It offers, just like all the ones listed below, an Airport shuttle service for a small extra fee but I recommend taking that instead of relying on local taxis or other means of transportation.

The hotel itself is located in the Surcin municipality – the youngest municipality of Belgrade and it’s pretty far away from the city center. But its proximity to the airport, as well as New Belgrade make it a perfect choice for those who don’t really want to be right in the heart of the city. And since you’re searching for hotels close to the airport, that’s probably your case.

The surrounding area of the hotel is extremely quiet – but that also means that there’s not much happening in the vicinity of the hotel either. In other words, you don’t have any real options for restaurants, pubs or shops nearby.

But the hotel itself has an bar with various drinks and food on offer, so you won’t starve to death while there. Nothing to write home about here, but you won’t go hungry either! Plus, I am one who believes that traditional Serbian cuisine is best when served in non-fancy restaurants!

The Airport Hotel Garni itself has been recently built, so the rooms are still fresh and modern, with quality mattresses for a perfect rest over the night. The rooms are decently sized and even though the furniture itself is cheaper, that shouldn’t influence your stay in a negative way since it’s in good shape and actually looks good.

Probably one of the best things about this hotel is that it’s situated in a very quiet area, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to get a good night’s sleep. It also offers a solid WiFi connection, which is provided for free in the hotel and the staff speaks English, which is always a bonus.

On, it is rated as one of the best value hotels in Belgrade, which is great news for those looking for accommodation that’s both near the airport and affordable. You can click the button below to book your stay now or find out more details about the hotel:

Hotel Skala

We’re now moving to New Belgrade with our recommendations. All these hotels are still close to the Nikola Tesla airport, but also closer to Belgrade’s old city center and are situated in areas where you have a lot more options to spend your free time and enjoy Serbia as it should be enjoyed.

This also means that the recommended hotels are a bit farther away from the airport, but still the closest and best options that you have if you want proximity to the airport itself.

Back to Hotel Skala, it found its way on my list based on the price / quality ratio. It is a small hotel with tons of personality and Serbian charm, but also with good rooms which, even though a bit on the small side, are cosy and comfortable.

You will surely love the small but cosy restaurant itself and the skylights in the center of the hotel. A good setup and genuine Serbian experiences will be had here!

Hotel Skala is situated in a very popular area in New Belgrade, meaning that you will have a lot of options nearby to spend your free time: restaurants to try out the delicious Serbian cuisine, pubs and shops – everything is within walking distance.

It’s also just a few minutes of walking away from the beautiful banks of the Danube River, while Belgrade’s center is some 10 minutes away by car. The hotel also offers airport shuttle service, so it’s really a great choice if you’re on a budget.

The rooms are decently-sized and clean, with comfortable beds and quality furniture. The furniture in some rooms is a bit old and has that retro look that I am not particularly fond of, but I know that many people prefer it to more modern furniture, so this could be a bonus for some and a con for others.

The rooms offer high speed internet and are all air conditioned, though, and all amenities are modern.

If you book your stay here, you’re getting a lot of value for your money as the hotel itself is cheap, yet offers a lot for the money. And once you get there, make sure you eat at their restaurant at least once – the food is great and the restaurant itself has that Balkan charm that makes you feel instantly at home!

Click the button below to book your stay at Hotel Skala or find out more details about it:

New Belgrade Garni Hotel

We’re now moving to 4 star hotels for your stay in the area, but worry not about the price: these hotels are still fairly cheap compared to most parts in Europe, while offering amazingly high quality service and amenities, as you can see in the photos below.

The New Belgrade Garni Hotel for example is part of the popular Garni chain that has several hotels available in Belgrade – and we’ve already had the closest to the airport recommended above.

But this one must be on your list as well, as it offers great service and high quality rooms for a good price, and you also get the chance to spend some time relaxing at the indoor pool.

The hotel itself is modern and beautiful, while the rooms and everything else inside is pure eye candy. Luxuriant, modern and awesome: this is how I would describe this hotel, which is my favorite on this list. I am sure you will agree with me if you book your stay here!

The only problem it has is, in my opinion, the location. It’s not situated in the best possible area of New Belgrade and even though you do have a fair share of shops and restaurants nearby – including a nearby park that offers beautiful views over the city, the location itself could’ve been better.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not unsafe or anything like that, it’s just not as charming as the hotel is.

But at least once you get inside the New Belgrade Garni Hotel and/or your room, you have no reasons to complain! The rooms are beautiful in this small hotel and you’re treated like a king (or queen).

Situated in the middle between the airport and Belgrade’s city center (about 10 minutes away in each direction), this hotel is extremely popular on and has, at the moment of writing this recommendation, an average rating of 9 out of 10 – which shows that everybody who stayed there has been extremely satisfied, so it’s not just my word you’ll have to believe.

The food comes as a bonus – it’s delicious! So if you don’t have other plans, I recommend getting the breakfast too as it’s really good.

The hotel also offers an airport shuttle service, just like all the others on our list. So if you like what you see, click the button below to book your stay or find out more about it:

IN Hotel Beograd

Although farthest from the airport compared to the other hotels on our list, we couldn’t ignore the IN Hotel Beograd. It’s the closest to Belgrade’s city center, it offers an airport shuttle service so you don’t have to worry about the fact that it’s a few kilometers farther away from the Nikola Tesla airport than the others on the list, and it is situated in a perfect area of New Belgrade.

It also is one of the most impressive hotels on our list and by far a favorite of every visitor it has, scoring perfect scores in all areas and even beating the hotel above in terms of location.

It seems to be created more for business people, but everybody is definitely welcome and will feel awesome here! But it still has that sober, high brow air to it.

The rooms are modern and large, as you would expect from a four star hotel and the food they serve is absolutely amazing. And although the hotel itself is close to a very busy area, it remains quiet inside and you can rest well over the night.

Or just spend the entire night in a nearby club or pub – you have tons of options for that as well!

The Belgrade Fair, Delta City, and Usce Shopping Mall, the biggest shopping center of the Balkans are also nearby, just as it is the case of the Danube or the Arena Sports Hall – the biggest in Europe. So the location of this hotel is absolutely amazing, just like everything else that can be said about its amenities, staff and rooms.

It also has a rooftop bar that’s pretty much spectacular, offering amazing views over the city, while the service is simply impeccable.

I am sure you will enjoy your stay here and feel great during your stay. Bonus: the hotel also offers shuttles to the old city center, so you don’t have to worry about taxis either!

Falkensteiner Hotel

Last but not least, we have another beautiful hotel to recommend. This one is usually the most expensive of the pack so clearly not for everybody, but if you prefer traveling in style and a getting matching accommodation, the Falkensteiner Hotel will offer that… for a price.

The hotel is beautiful and modern, offering breathtaking views to the Danube and the Old City Center – mostly from the Executive Lounge though. Its prime location is what makes it such a good choice, as you have everything that matters nearby.

The rooms themselves, as you can see in the images above, are absolutely beautiful, offering a vibrant, modern design and high quality all the way.

The food served here is a true delight for the senses as well, while the restaurant itself delivers true eye candy to make the entire dining experience complete and pleasant.

And if you want to stay fit during your stay and make those delicious meals go away instead of on your belly, the hotel also offers a modern spa center with a fitness area.

Despite its price, it is also the highest rated hotels on our list, and for all the right reasons. On Booking, for example, it has an amazing 9.2 rating out of 10 at the moment of writing! And it’s still cheaper than most similar Western European hotels!

So if you have a larger budget to spend on your accommodation, or if you’re just curious (might be surprised to find out that you actually afford it!) definitely check this hotel out by clicking the button below:

These would be our recommended hotels near the Nikola Tesla Airport and close to New Belgrade where all the stuff is happening right now.

As I said earlier, I’m sure that you will enjoy your stay in the city, no matter which one on the list you choose. But don’t forget to come back after your stay and let us know how it all went!

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