Malaysian Girls Guide: What Is It Like Dating One?

Malaysia and Malaysian girls are usually ignored by the travel and digital nomad community, and that is a real shame. You’ll see why in today’s article where I share my thoughts and everything you should know about dating women in Malaysia.

Although not as popular as nearby attractions Thailand (read about Thai girls here) or Indonesia (read about Indonesian women here), Malaysia has a very rich culture and tradition. And, to put it short: it’s absolutely beautiful.

Not just the country itself is beautiful, but the people living here are too. And today, we’re going to focus on the women from Malaysia and what to expect when dating one.

Because, no matter how beautiful and amazing they are, a bit of culture shock might be expected, as they’re not your usual type of South East Asian girls.

Why do people find Malaysian girls easy to fall in love with? Why are they seen as mysterious women to get to know and fall in love with? Let’s jump straight in to find out!

What do Malaysian Girls Look Like

guide to Malay girls

Malaysian girls are known for being some of the most beautiful women in Asia thanks to their ancestral origins.

Some Malaysian women have Malay, South Asian and Chinese ethnicity, which makes them a quite diverse selection in a relatively small country. This mix of genes also makes them look very exotic, with beautiful features, especially when it comes to Western men.

Girls from Malaysia usually have round faces with long lashes and lush hair that flows down their backs. Their smile is also unique because it blends well with their natural beauty. 

When it comes to their figure, Malaysian women are very slender, which is assisted by their fast metabolism and healthy lifestyle. As a result, you won’t find a lot of overweight Malaysian girls.

However, when it comes to their height, they are shorter that Western ladies, as their average height starts around 4’11” (150cm). But, you can still see women who are taller than that in some areas. 

If not, they’re just perfect if you like the petite type of women, who appear fragile and in constant need of care (although, as you will see in this article, despite their small size, Malaysian girls are really strong and independent).

It is important to remember that most Malaysians are Muslim, which influences the way they dress and how they do their make up – as well as more personal characteristics about which we’ll talk below.

But, there are Malaysian girls that do dress stylishly when they go out, especially if they are from larger cities like Kuala Lumpur. 

Do expect some extended modesty though and clothes that generally cover most of the body, although many Malaysian women won’t wear a hijab.

All in all, when it comes to their looks and their approach to clothing, they’re a fresh breath of air in my opinion, with their modesty combined with natural beauty.

Not that I don’t like the sultrier nature of, say, Filipino women… but Malaysian women know how to look good even when wearing long dresses and covering most of their body.

Characteristics of Malaysian Girl

beautiful smiling Malay girl

Malaysian women are known worldwide for being one of the most mysterious women to date.

Here are some of the things you need to know about them and why they seem to be very mysterious yet great to be with: 

Malaysian women are ambitious

Malay women are career-driven and they do not just want to stay at home to take care of the family.

They want to work in careers that will allow them to show their potential to the world and use these careers to help the family.

You will be surprised that some Malaysian women finished courses that are usually male-dominated, like engineering. It’s all part of their strength, desire to be and prove that they are independent.

Malaysian girls are generally very secretive

Malaysians take secrets seriously and it is considered taboo if they reveal one person’s secret to another.

If you tell your Malaysian better half a secret, you can rest assured that they won’t reveal your secrets to other people. 

And this also means that they have secrets of your own which you might never know. Fair game!

They are family-oriented

Family is also very important for Malaysian women, which is taught to them since they are young.

Their family’s opinion matters and they will contribute to the family in whatever way they can once they start working.

They are also great with kids because Malaysian families tend to be larger than other countries. 

So, if you really want to score well in her books, make sure to do your best and impress her family.

This will be greatly appreciated and extremely useful in the future: as long as she has her family’s blessing to be with you, your relationship with her will be a lot smoother.

Girls from Malaysia are outspoken

When Malaysian women are talking about issues that are close to their heart or see something they want to comment on, they will talk about it whether you like it or not.

They will engage in a passionate debate until they show their point across (and usually they  won’t stop until they convince you to share their point of view).

Dating Culture in Malaysia

dating Malay women

When it comes to the Malaysian people, we can say they are very friendly and very easy to be with.

They are good conversationalists and you will definitely appreciate their dedication in keeping true with their traditions.

For some, they are entranced with the mysterious nature of Malaysians, especially with Malaysian women. 

Dating Malaysian women can be surprising for many foreigners because of the various traditions that influence it.

Religion, in particular, influences how they think and act during the dating stage, which is a bit less open-minded than in other SEA countries or Western countries. And it’s definitely something worth knowing about.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the dating culture in Malaysia in order to avoid culture shock and be better prepared: 

Long courting is the norm

Before they agree to date a person, Malaysian girls will usually text the man they are interested with. And this can take quite some time – at least by Western standards.

And although they will agree to see you eventually – their interest usually being shown through messages they will send you online, they will be cautious when they do go out and the relationship itself won’t progress very fast.

Most intimacy – only after marriage

Although some women (especially those living in the larger cities in Malaysia) are a bit more open-minded, many (if not most) of the people living here, both men and women, agree that pre-marital intimacy is unacceptable.

So, even if the girl you met has a different opinion, she would still need to feel very comfortable and 100% sure word won’t come out in a country where such acts would be frowned upon by everybody.

On the other hand, these ladies are indeed special and it’s worth waiting for them to feel 100% secure and sure they want to share everything with but.

Malay women are pretty conservative

Malaysians are still very conservative as a whole, with traditional roles still being expected in family settings.

This means that men are the ones who are the breadwinners of the family while the women stay at home to care for the children and house chores.

However, there are Malaysian women who are very open to progressive ideas, especially if they are living in major cities. So things are slowly, but surely changing in terms of mentality.

PDA is not accepted

PDA is still something many Malaysians frown upon, even if it is just a simple hug or kiss on the cheek.

People will judge you when you do engage in them, especially if you are a foreigner dating a Malaysian girl. 

Dating is serious, not something to be taken lightly.

When dating a Malaysian girl, people will think you are in an exclusive relationship. Dating others is not approved by the community.

It’s either you are serious with your relationship or not. Malaysian women are after long-term relationships and not short ones. 

Friends play an impact in dating

If you want to take a Malaysian girl out, even for a simple hang out, you will definitely have to get permission from their peers. If they think that you are not worthy of their friend, you won’t get their approval. 

Do girls in Malaysia speak good English?

flag of Malaysia

Malaysians are actually very good in English, but it is not completely perfect.

In Malaysia, they practice Malaysian English, the country’s version of the language where certain elements of the Malay language are added to English phonetics to give it a unique flare. 

The reason why Malaysians are good with English is due to its history as a British trading post in the 18th century.

During this period, Malaysians were exposed to British English which slowly evolved to Malaysian English as they were able to grasp the language.

Even after the British forces left Malaysia, the language had already evolved and stayed in the country as one of its major languages. 

It is important to note that there are people who are practicing Manglish instead of Malaysian English.

Manglish can be considered as a slang version of British English which may confuse you since their usage is different from its original use. 

When you meet a Malaysian girl, expect that there will be times when Malaysian English phonetics will be used.

Don’t laugh when this happens because it may turn them off you. Be patient and don’t hesitate to clarify what they are talking about if you find it hard to understand their phonetics. 

What to Expect When Dating a Malaysian Girl?

beautiful woman from Malaysia

I’ve already touched on this subject above, but if you’re only here for the dating aspects, let’s quickly go through what should be expected.

Malay women play and are hard to get

If you really want to date a Malaysian woman, prepare for a long courting because they are very picky and the more traditional values of the culture force them to behave like this.

Malaysian women want their perfect date to be someone who can support them, show they are serious with their relationship and accept who they are.

They also want men who will not be against them succeeding in their chosen careers. 

Dates shouldn’t be too glamorous

Malaysian women love staying at home rather than going out on dates. If you plan to take them out, it should be a short day out then it is off back home (each off to their place – don’t get your hopes up!)

There should be a balance as to where you plan your dates, but the thought is what counts. 

Be ready to meet their friends

When you are dating a Malaysian woman and they are ready to take your relationship to the next step, you will need to prepare to meet their friends.

They will see if you will be able to bond with them and accept their quirks. If they see that you are open to meeting them and you are getting to know them, your relationship will definitely grow. 

Final words

There have been many foreigners who have fallen for the charms of Malaysian women. Those certainly won’t be the last ones who will find Malaysian women one-of-a-kind.

After all, although hard to get by Western standards, Malay girls go 100% in a relationship and love you with all their heart once they accept you.

Before you consider looking for your Malaysian love, take your time to learn more about their culture and preferences so you won’t fall into faux-pas that may affect your chance for love.

Considering the things they are looking for in a relationship, you need to be careful while winning their trust. 

I hope that this guide will give you a headstart if you are planning to date a Malaysian woman. Keep an open mind, be patient and respect their culture and your relationship will definitely take off. Good luck! 

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