Dating Singaporean Girls: What to Expect & Where to Meet Them

Singapore is Asia’s richest country, despite its small land size. Many foreigners easily blend well in Singapore because of its diverse culture and friendly people. 

But at the same time, dating Singaporean women is A LOT different than dating in other parts of Asia. Your foreigner status means nothing here, and you won’t impress these ladies as easily as you impress women from Vietnam or those from the Philippines, for example.

Dating Singaporean women is more difficult, as they are choosy and hard to impress, but they are definitely worth the effort, as they are strong, independent – and usually highly successful – women. So, how can you date a Singaporean girl? Let’s dive in!

Where to meet Singaporean women

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Dating Culture in Singapore

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Although Singaporeans are very modern thanks to the country’s rich economy and highly developed education system, they have a very careful approach when it comes to dating.

Their dating culture is influenced by both Asian values and modern values and you might be surprised as to who gets involved in their considerations in picking the best person for them.

Men Make the First Move

Even though Singaporean women are strong and independent (and used to getting what they want without waiting), it’s still customary for the men to make the first move.

She might give you the hints you need to know that she’s interested, but rarely will she make the first move. After all, a strong woman needs a strong man by her side, and being able to take action yourself is a good sign.

Rejection Is Possible

If you plan to date a Singaporean girl, know that getting rejected is not just possible, but highly probable. These ladies are picky and they usually know exactly what their type is, so if you don’t seem to fit their needs and requirements, they won’t waste time.

It’s not uncommon to be rejected when you ask them out for a date, or even to be a few minutes into the date and get rejected if she feels that you’re not the right one.

They won’t be mean about this, it’s just that they understand the value of time and commitment – and the fact that there’s no point in trying to make something work when it’s clear it won’t.

Group dates

In Singapore, dates are often done as group dates because this allows the couples to get to know each other without fearing for their safety, but still have time to have fun. 

Family is involved

If you will be dating a Singaporean woman, you need to know that their families still play an active role in their dating lives.

If you do not pass their standards and answer properly to the questions they will ask you, you will definitely find them to be your toughest opposition in getting your Singaporean love to say yes to you. 

PDA is not allowed and often misunderstood

It is important to note that Singaporeans do see PDA differently than those outside the country.

In Singapore, some actions may be considered an insult or an outrageous move such as touching your lady love’s behind. So, when you are in public, keep your hands to yourself and let her take the lead and learn what is appropriate and what not.

Usually, apart from holding hands, you won’t be doing a lot more in public. As I said, Singapore it’s different from most of Asia – so if you want more “freedom” I recommend checking out Thai women instead, or even those from Indonesia.

Not all Singaporean girls will be open to one-night stands

Singaporeans are divided when it comes to one-night stands or casual dating. Some may agree to it, but most won’t.

You won’t know exactly until you try it – but if you do try and she’s looking for a serious relationship instead – you’ve completely blown your chance.

What do Singaporean Girls Look Like

beautiful and classy Singapore woman shopping

When it comes to looks, Singaporean women are actually pretty confident with what they look like – and they have no reason not to be!

They are not afraid to say they are attractive or pretty, and they are very happy with their current physical appearance and ok not to change their looks. 

Their looks are influenced by their Chinese, Malay, and Tamil origins, with the Chinese ancestry being the most common in the country, so we can say that they look the most like Chinese women.

However, over the years, they have developed a unique appearance, but they are usually petite and slim with rounder faces, brown eyes, and dark hair.

Personality characteristics of Singaporean Girls

Singapore has a blend of Asian and modern traditions which is attributed to its rich history. This can be the reason why Singaporeans are considered to be one of the hardest people to date. Here are some of the characteristics of Singaporean girls you should know: 

They’re Highly Educated

Singaporeans value education and it is rare that you will find a Singaporean woman who did not complete a prestigious school in the country or overseas. This makes them very interesting to talk to about various topics. 

Career Driven

A lot of Singaporean women are career driven, thanks to their education level. It is also a way for many Singaporean women to show their independence and showcase their skills despite the gender discrimination they may face in the male-dominated workforce. 


Singapore has a very rich culture and you can definitely see it when it comes to food. Singaporeans know where to get the best of anything and you will be surprised to know your Singaporean lady knows them well. 

But don’t just expect them to start cooking for you, like most Albanian women would do.

Do Singaporean Girls Speak Good English?

Singaporeans are actually bilingual, with English as one of their major focuses. The reason for this is the country’s focus on the language under the directive of its founder, Lee Kuan Yew.

Teachers are given immense funding to make sure English is the country’s main medium of instruction. The other three languages of the country are taught as secondary languages.

However, you may find yourself confused with their use of Singaporean English or “Singlish”. Singlish is a unique version of English often practiced in Singapore and has been influenced by Chinese and Malay.

Although Singlish uses the same English words and phrases, there will be times Singaporeans will use a bit of Mandarin, Tamil and Malay in their sentences.

As a result, you may end up not understanding the sentence completely because you are not familiar with the words they are using. But overall, you will do just fine.

What to Expect When Dating a Singaporean Girl

young Singapore woman

OK! After all the preparations and after learning everything about what they like, what they’re like, and where to find them, it’s finally time for some fun – the dating part itself. Here’s what to expect.

It will be an activity-filled event

Dates in Singapore often involve going out for dinner, movie nights, trips out, and so on. You need to shake up your dates every once in a while and agree on group dates too, because that’s how things are here.

Can be clingy

Some Singaporean ladies can get very insecure, especially when it comes to their relationships, despite their innate strength and independence.

They will definitely appreciate it if you take the time to tell them how you feel about them or just update them from time to time so they know you are thinking of them. It also reassures them that they are being a good girlfriend to you and not have to fuzz over their insecurities. 


No matter how you look or what status you may have financially, Singaporean ladies are very loving.

So long as you are true to them and you care about them, they will be the best girlfriends you can have in your life.

There was even a survey held in the country that showed Singaporean ladies not having preferences when it comes to how their partners look, so long as they love each other. 

Let Singaporean Girls Show You Love

Don’t let stereotypes about Singaporean women influence your decision in trying to get to know them. Singaporean women also have great charms that will definitely surprise you if you take the time to look past the negative feedback about them.

Like other women, Singaporean women also have standards when it comes to the people they date and they want the best. This may be the reason why you may find it difficult to date them at first. 

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I hope that this guide gives you an overview on what to expect when you are dating a Singaporean woman and help you progress. Always stay patient and understanding because even the most choosy and challenging women can be lovestruck if you do your courting right. Good luck!

Are you dating a Singaporean girl or considering finding one? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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