Everything about Indian Girls & Women: BEST Guide to Dating Them

India is one of the jewels of the world that many people dream to visit and explore and one of the reasons why us males want to go there is the beauty and amazingness of Indian women.

They say one trip is never enough to see everything in India – and that certainly applies to more than the girls here.

The country’s size is just a little over 1/3 of the USA, but the wonders within are varied and awe-inspiring.

And one of the wonders the country offers is the beautiful Indian woman. With perfect shapes and great personalities, an Indian girl has a lot more up her sleeve than just the natural inheritance of Kama Sutra – which is, most likely, just enough for most people out there.

Indian women will always surprise and amaze you – and today we’re going to find out all about these ladies so that you can enjoy a perfect dating experience in this always surprising country.

What to expect from Indian girls & the country as a whole

beautiful Indian girl

India had cradled civilization as evidenced by religion, ancient practices that have been kept alive like yoga and Ayurveda – all this punctuated by the most beautiful monuments from palaces and temples, the star of which is the Taj Mahal.

In terms of natural sensations, each direction in India possess different destinations. The north houses a section of the Himalayas. And, as a side-note, the nearby Sri Lanka.

The southern part has its exquisite beaches. For the adventurous, there is the eastern tribal territories and the vast expanse of the desert in Western India.

But no matter where you go, you will find common grounds: the Indian woman. Beautiful, curious, voluptuous and easy going, she’s the real treasure this country has to offer!

Besieged by many stereotypes, their true characteristics have become hidden in plain sight.

The Indian woman is the treasure of this culture, whose beauty and nature come front and center in holding together the country at the very base.

The Indian woman is very much molded by her family’s values. At the outset, many might find it daunting to establish a connection with one considering that they might have values and belief systems that might not be familiar.

But then, once you get to know their mindset and thinking, you will understand what a treasure it is to be with an Indian girl.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to date a girl from India!

Dating Women in India

smiling woman in India

First of all, let’s get acquainted with the more pervasive practices about relationships.

While in many western and western-influenced countries, many singles have casual relationships and date before marriage, it is not that cut-and-dried in India. We could say that it’s a similar situation to Indonesian women, for example.

In most of the bigger cities, you will find sections of the community who are very open-minded and mix often. These are in the more metropolitan and urban parts.

However, most girls are held close by their families in terms with having romantic relationships with the opposite sex. There are areas where casual dating may become a stigma or gossip fodder.

This DOES NOT make establishing a good relationship with an Indian girl impossible. Yes, there may be hurdles, especially if you are a foreigner but understanding is the key to overcoming these frontline difficulties.

Not to mention the fact that, after all, India is quickly becoming the most populated country in the world… and this automatically comes with options. But they’re still surprisingly few (at least for foreigners), compared to other countries.

Online dating has become on of the solutions that modern Indian women have resorted to because it affords them the chance to get better acquainted with men, both foreign and local, without having to suffer the trouble and “disgrace” of meeting them in public.

For that matter, you can check out the best Indian dating site here. There are thousands of women from all regions, actively looking for a relationship and for meeting other men, mainly foreigners.

It’s like hitting the bullseye with this site and you’ll thank me for recommending it to you!

Now let’s check out some noteworthy points to make connecting with Indian girls a breeze – no matter if we’re talking about online meetings or in-person.

Characteristics of Indian Women

Indian girl

Family is the core of the Indian culture. Girls are taught modesty in action and speech.

Do not make the mistake in thinking that the beautiful saree clad Indian girl is forward with her midriff blouse, flowing skirt, bejeweled extremities and colorful garb.

This is a traditional garb worn with reverence and respect by many, though not by all, Indian women.

Indian women are also very intellectually developed and quick-witted. At times, you might come across those girls who have led pampered and sheltered lives yielding to the popular Indian princess complex, that is true.

But many – or most – Indian girls are non-dramatic and are open to accepting to reasonable practices that might be unusual to their culture. In other words, they are open minded and ready to bend a rule here and there (but don’t think too far – it’s not the case with most of them still).

The Indian girl will also have imbued in her system good money sense, true to the well-touted thrifty nature of people in India. She will want to be held as important without an overt display of extravagance.

Indian women also uphold the opinion of family and friends in their choices. This means you might have to win the affection of more than one person.

In terms of palate, they like it hot and spicy. Dating an Indian girl will prove to be an adventure in cuisine if you are used to bland food.

Most Indian girls are taught the ways of the home as they are a family-centered culture.

Many Indian girls balance home and career quiet adeptly because of this and have no qualms with handling both.

In a way, I would say that they are similar to the more family-oriented girls from Georgia, or even Estonian women, although overall the cultural differences are still huge.

Do Girls in India Speak Good English?

While there is indeed an issue of education being unavailable for many rural and poorer areas in India, English is spoken well by most women in India.

In fact, English is an additional official language of government work in India together with Hindi.

Most Indian girls might speak Indian English which is originated from British English.

It is characterized by an accent and certain local nuances, slangs, and terminologies but it is comprehensible to the native English speaker.

When in doubt in communicating with an Indian girl in English, do not hesitate to ask her to clarify what she meant. They are patient and will even add a sense of humor in explaining their local innuendos and word usage.

Indian Girls: Their Looks

beautiful Indian woman

The heritage of beautiful brown skin, lovely big eyes, and soft womanly curves characterize most of the Indian woman.

Though many of them are obsessed with having lighter-colored skin, the growing trend now is loving yourself as you are.

The Indian culture has espoused beauty, health, and physical care over the centuries. You will find Indian girls taking care of their bodies from beauty practices to exercise.

Lush, long black hair are complemented with glowing skin that have been enhanced from outward treatments to balanced food.

They have beautifully maintained hands and feet which many adorn with temporary henna tattoos during special occasions.

Married Hindu Indian girls will also have a bindi, which is a small colored dot on their forehead.

Those who are unmarried will have ornamental spangles on theirs. Now you know how to easily identify the singles for your game time!

Depending on which area and religious orientation she might come from, the Indian beauty is unique and exotic, making for one of the races with the most proportional physical features contributing to their overall physical appeal.

Dating a Girl from India: Top 5 Tips for Expats

Since the dating culture here is very different from that in the US and most Western countries, our top tips will help you start on the right foot and gain an advantage over other foreigners (and even locals!)

1. The Inner Circle

Your Indian girl will have two rings of people who will want to keep her safe and happy – her family and friends. While this is true for people from all over the world, in India it is upped a notch.

Granting that you have met online, communicated regularly, and technically know each other well; you must know that the first date (if not the first few ones) with your Indian girl will be with a friend, friends or family.

We shall not call this a chaperone (even if it is) because it’s just the way it’s done. In very urban places, you might dive into one-on-one dating immediately, but if you are here to pursue a serious relationship, this is NOT the way to go.

Once you get the approval of the inner circle, consider yourself welcomed into it – then you can venture into more private outings with your girl. A way to her heart is her friends and family.

2. Dating Your Girl Within Her Group – The Etiquette

modern Indian girl

As mentioned above, there would at least be one date where you would have to initially go out with your girl and a friend or group of her friends. This is a normal confidence and trust building step.

This is not a group date, by the way. It is more a congregation of females who will be there to observe and critique you later.

Sounds awkward? Don’t be intimidated. This is just the cultural way of them being protective towards their circle.

Here are some useful things that you must orient yourself with when out with your Indian girl and her friends.

  • Befriend her friends – polite conversations, general questions on interests, universal topics are the way to go. Oftentimes, she will gauge her level of comfort by the way you address her friends. Once she joins in and it flows, that would mean she is ready to get her feet wet in getting to know you better.
  • Highlight your common interests in conversations but just omit things that you might disagree on (for the moment, remember this is just the first few meetings). This will make her feel special and create an affinity with you.
  • If you have the budget, invite her and her friends out at least once.
  • When in a group, make sure she is comfortable but do not order or buy something expensive or overly generous. While girls from other countries may get flattered with this, Indian girls will be embarrassed by it. Besides, they may conclude that you are spendthrift and not careful with money, which is a no-no. And by “they”, we mean your girl and her friends and family!

3. One-on-one Dating Rules

Don’t choose places that are too public like the park, yet don’t opt for extremely private locations like booking a room at a resort. Go for well-appointed restaurants where propriety can be observed.

Be creative as well when setting dates so they be more meaningful. Both of you can join a fitness club, cooking or creative classes or even browse through bookstores and well-placed exhibits together.

Decorum matters. Public displays of affection are not welcome in many rural areas, although in urban India, you might find a few who go ahead and do it. Remember that your girl’s reputation is the jewel of your family.

Try to keep in mind that she will be given a hard time by friends, family, and community if you insist on the PDA. Find other creative ways to express your affection, instead.

Polish your speaking skills. Indian women are very intelligent so read up and speak up! This not mean you need to argue but she will love to discuss and expound.

Jokes are also a huge part of the Indian culture. Knowing the local flavor and funny inside jokes will endear you to her.

4. Dating with the Family?

If your relationship proceeds to a higher level, you will eventually “date” her family. Be respectful and learn from your Indian girl the habits and practices of respect within her clan.

Bring simple but thoughtful gifts on your first visit to the family home. Some will appreciate individual gifts, if you can afford it or one general gift like a nice food tray. To know exactly what to bring and for whom, ask her.

Be ready to be evaluated as a prospective son-in-law on your first meeting! That is why meeting the family is usually reserved for relationships that have been elevated to a more serious level.

Many avoid it.

However, a plus point is that it seals the intention you have – that you are not merely a player.

5. Ditch the Stereotypes

Nothing is more down-heartening, disappointing, and frustrating when you finally meet the Indian girl of your dreams than to offend her unintentionally by adhering to common stereotypes about her and her country. Here are several of them:

  • They do not speak Hindu – the language is called Hindi. Don’t make the misnomer mistake and confuse the language with the religion.
  • Cows and snake charmers – do not try to be cute and ask to see a cow on the road or where the snake charmers are situated. While these are true, they do not embody India. They are local symbols and part of the culture that need not be mocked. Besides, there’s so much more to talk about than them!
  • All Indian women wear sarees. Not true. There are many other forms of traditional wear that are popular like tunics and salwar kameez. And so many in the population wear blouses, jeans, skirts, and dresses just like everyone else.
  • Namaste tastefully. While it is an organic greeting in India and integral to the culture, it is used more in formal interaction in modern Indian society. Don’t drop Namaste’s like you do Hello’s.

The key is being educated and learn as you go along with your Indian girl. Get her into meaningful conversations.

Learn from her friends and family when you are out together as a group. Genuine interest will spark appreciation from them.


India is huge and diverse, with different religions and cultures upon sub-cultures, sensitivity is required when going out with an Indian girl. You must do the research to get to know her well and not impose your belief system.

Think of it as a beautiful way of exploring and learning each other’s culture, with you giving in initially.

Once you get to know her better, it will be easier to introduce concepts and practices that you are more used to.

In all relations, give and take is important. Indian girls are a prize that when won over is worth every effort and emotion.

Understanding and empathy, compromise and acceptance will make the road to a great relationship with the Indian girl of your dreams.

Now switching over to you. Have any interesting stories to share about Indian women? Let us know by commenting below!

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