Why Are There Bottles of Water in Front of Houses & Doors in Italy and Spain?

If you’ve been traveling to either Italy or Spain lately, you surely saw them. There are apparently random plastic bottles of water in front of the doors, in front of the walls of the buildings, on the window sills and even in front of the plant pots.

But what is the point of having those bottles of water in there anyway, you might ask yourself.

Water Bottles Spain
Water bottles in front of Spanish houses

I sure did, but eventually I figured it out! Those bottles of water in front of the houses in Italy and Spain (and probably other countries too) are there to prevent pets like cats or dogs from peeing in the area.

The light reflected by the water in the bottles apparently scares them or at least makes them uncomfortable, so they won’t mark that territory.

I’ve spent a month in Valencia and definitely wondered why those bottles are there (never thought THIS was the answer).

bottles of water on stairs

We all know that our furry friends simply love to mark their territory by peeing and they don’t really care if it’s someone’s door or wall or even a pot with basil or other spices that people tend to grow in both countries.

Not only that the smell is extremely unpleasant – especially if it’s a popular area for pets – but the urine of pets can cause health issues.

So people will place these bottles of water in front of the areas they want to protect. That is because it appears that both cats and dogs will be disturbed by the light reflecting in these bottles and as a result they will avoid the area and not mark the territory.

I personally heard that these bottles of water also help keeping mosquitoes and flies away and you will usually see some coins thrown into the bottles to increase the reflection rate of the light.

Plastic bottles surrounding pole
Protecting everything with bottles of water

It’s definitely an interesting habit, but it seems to help since so many people are doing it.

I’ve even seen some placing water bottles near the wheels of their vehicles – and always wondered why.

Well, now I know and you know too: it’s a sort of a homemade shield against peeing dogs and cats. Who would’ve thought? But now I wonder what happens during the night, when there’s no sun to reflect in the water… Well, probably it’s still better than nothing.

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