The Dark Side of Danish Girls

Not all Danish girls are the same. That goes for girls and people in any country. But don’t expect to always be able to find your next Josephine Skriver here!

Today, I am sharing the little-known facts about Denmark’s female talent (including a bunch of risky to say truths). Hopefully, this doesn’t rub you the wrong way. But hey:

People deserve to know!

And fortunately, not all girls are like this. You just need to be careful and watch for the signs!

The Big On/Off Switch

In Denmark, there is no such thing as flirting or seduction. Attraction is either on or off. It goes from 0 to 100 real quick with Danish girls.

One second she could be full-on ignoring you, the next she’ll be over at your side of the bar, gently stroking your hand and being all yours.

What the actual F**k? 

The thing is, Danish culture is not all about friendship, warmth, and hygge. Sure, it’s nice to think of it this way. I assure you, Danes are every bit as cold, reserved, and straightforward as any other Nordic country.

They are a wealthy nation and they live well but when it comes to social life, I would much rather stay at a poor South American country. At least there the people are fun and vibrant.

I am not trying to be extra negative. I’ll just say it as it is:

Flirting is not a thing in Denmark. 

This could, however, work for you. If you are the type to have good game skills (which you should be), Danish girls are easily impressed.

Just remember that these ladies are also super feminist. Anything that could be read as even slightly misogynist is a deal-breaker. This also makes them strong and independent. That’s a good thing, too!

You Are Walking On Thin Ice

Like it or not, social justice warriors are everywhere in Denmark. Not even the obscene amounts of alcohol at the clubs will dull a Danish woman’s political correctness.

Unfortunately, for you, this means picking up Danish girls is like gambling. Sometimes you get lucky and impress her. Other times, you say the exact same thing and she is shocked to her very core.

How dare you! 

I wish I could give you solid advice on avoiding this. Sadly, it’s just about the numbers. Try your luck with many girls – some will be thrilled to talk to you (and sleep with you), others will shoot you a dirty look and walk away dramatically.

One thing is for sure:

Don’t bother with grand gestures. 

Even dating is considered a ‘grand gesture’ in Denmark. People here sleep around all the time.

Chances are your Danish crush’s body count is way over 20. It’s not a bad thing, necessarily. Experience makes for better bedroom skills.

Don’t look for good girls in Denmark. They have all been around the block more than a few times. Or at least many of them. Also, don’t judge! This is how things are.

But the bottom line is: when it comes to seduction and dating, know that even the bare minimum can do.

Because her attraction to you is an on/off switch, it’s a matter of getting lucky and finding a gal that’s turned on (pun completely intended).

No Dates Dating?

This was the most shocking thing to me in Denmark. First off, there are very few couples. Especially in your 20’s, the single life is the norm.

It helps that education is free in Denmark and most women are in university for a decade. Roosh V wisely called those the ‘perma-students’.

People settle down later in life, that’s for sure. The logical thing to follow is a wild decade of drinking and sleeping around in their twenties.

In Denmark, it’s pretty standard for girls to go to bed with you first and then consider a relationship. It’s the normal process turned upside down!

If you’re interested in that, sure, try it out. In a lot of cases, though, it would not even be an option for you. Danish girls value their independence far too much.

To be honest, it almost seems like they are faking it. I am convinced some of those ‘strong independent women’ are only putting up an act and really just want to be saved.

Just my opinion, don’t lose your mind over this!

It’s not your job to save Danish girls from their feminist prison. You are there to enjoy your time and hook up with as many cute Scandinavians as possible. Plus, there’s nothing necessarily bad with being with a feminist (notice, I’m not saying feminazi!)

Sleeping around is acceptable for both genders in Denmark. You do not, by any means, need to pretend to be faithful to your casual fling. Open relationships are very common: just make sure you’re both on the same side.

This is not a one-way thing. Danish men are equal to females, not superior (as it should be everywhere in the world). So don’t expect to be allowed to do things she’s not. Also, don’t just assume than anything and everything is allowed. Be open about it and understand what goes and what doesn’t.

So Where Do You Take Danish Girls?

Straight to your hotel or Airbnb is actually a great option. But if that’s a bit too much for you:

Coffee or drinks. 

There are a bunch of cool hipster cafés in every Danish city. Copenhagen must have them by the dozen!

You don’t ask a girl out to a movie and dinner. You just meet up at a coffee shop, you chat for a little bit, and then head straight to your place.

And, once again, because of the whole ‘on/off’ attraction switch thing, you are going to know when it’s time to go.

Seriously, reading the signs could not be more obvious with Danish women. They don’t believe in femininity or making you work for it.

When they are ready for it, they’ll let you know. Read the signs, as they won’t always directly tell you (although some times they will!).

By the way, yes, I agree that takes away some of the fun. On the bright side, you get to meet and mate quicker than any other place in Europe.

Be thankful and don’t overthink it. If passion and seduction are what you want, Danish girls will disappoint, go to South America or actively date foreigners in Denmark instead.

The Know-It-All

It’s actually a good thing that you don’t need dates to do the wild thing in Denmark.

Women here are infuriating to talk to. I swear, 9 out of 10 conversations end in some political correctness or social justice BS. It’s not nice at all.

If you want to avoid the cringe:

  1. You only go out with young girls. This means around 18 to 21, before they have decided their liberal degree has given them all the knowledge about the world they might need.
  2. You don’t date, just have fun. The only way to shut down a Danish know-it-all is by keeping her lips otherwise occupied. Not even Danish girls would start a political conversation in bed… At least most of them will not.

There is one demographic that has been mercifully spared the SJW epidemic. Middle Eastern girls born in Denmark are an interesting way to go.

Sure, some of them might still have the conservative values (automatically meaning you would not get anywhere with them).

But Denmark’s Middle Eastern youth has been growing up to be more and more progressive. Because they still have the balance of super conservative values, these women don’t get to a feminazi excess. Instead, they can be both feminine and open-minded enough to date you.

A word of caution for them:

While she may be open-minded, you can never know what her family is like. If things seem too good to be true AND she is not introducing you to her family, it could mean you’re a secret boyfriend.

As exciting as this might sound, it could lead to getting beat up by a bunch of angry Pakistanis. Middle Eastern people don’t joke around when it comes to protecting their daughters’ or sisters’ honor…

Alternative Conversation Topics

Here is a practical tip for you: don’t even go near SJW land. When it comes to conversations with Danish girls, stick to the safe topics.

Even if they are generally very much interested in feminism, humanitarian causes, and making peaceful people’s lives a living hell with nagging, there are two things all Danish girls enjoy:

  1. Food
  2. Arts

For food, well, Denmark has some seriously delicious specialities. You are always safe talking about your favourite sweets, your country’s cuisine, that cool Copenhagen restaurant you recently checked out, etc.

By the way, if cooking is your forté, it could be major bonus points and help you land Denmark’s hottest girls.

A guy cooking for her is pretty much the foodie + feminist fantasy. Keep that just for very special Danish girls, though.

As for the arts, this one is actually among the good things I have to say about Danish girls.

Because they are all very highly educated, Danish women have an appreciation for all things design, art, and architecture.

If you work in one of those fields, she will surely be impressed. Besides, Scandinavians are notorious for their love of design.

Older Danish Girls

To be honest, these should not be called girls. They are women. After 30, even progressive, super feminist Danes start looking around for a life partner.

Sadly, a decade of excessive drinking and casual relationships all their potential romantic interests have not done them any favors.

So where do these women take it?

To the Internet.

I swear Tinder 30+ women are a treasure trove. They are so easy to get to bed! Sure, you won’t be meeting any 10’s from that category. They are perfect for breaking out of a slump, though.

If you want an actual relationship, older women are great for that, too but not from Tinder. Unfortunately, you can’t expect too much in terms of femininity and care.

She has never had to sustain a long-term relationship in her life. Taking care of her man doesn’t come naturally to the average Danish woman, but she’s eager to learn. The clock is ticking, and she is willing to do it.

The best part is that Danish women are very smart and catch on quickly. At this age, they are perfect for getting into a relationship. Harder to find, so this is why we’re recommending an online platform like this one.

You’re getting past the Tinder free-to-use thing that can throw at you the weirdos and go for ladies that are actively interested in a relationship.

Think more long term at this point, though, They’re past their fooling around age!

What About Clubs?

The party scene is pretty cool in Danish cities. You can go to all sorts of different clubs, there are places to dance, bars with whimsical cocktails, chilled out shisha lounges, etc. The one thing that is lacking in Danish nightclubs:

Hot single women 

The female to male ratio is ridiculous. 99% of the time you end up drinking with a bunch of dudes and subpar girls.

Paradoxically, though, the women you approach in night clubs are the easiest to hook up with. Some girls go out exclusively to get drunk and make out.

The sausage fest aside, Danish clubs could be a good place for night game, provided that:

  1. You are prepared to talk to a bunch of girls, because, as usual, it’s a numbers game.
  2. You’re fine with a one-night stand with zero strings attached. Nightclubs are not where you meet your future Danish wife (especially considering how many Danish women have sworn off marriage altogether).
  3. You will avoid touchy subjects at all costs. Instead, talk about how much you like Denmark, Danish food, and Danish architecture. It strokes her ego and directs you to the aforementioned ‘safe topics’ for a civil conversation with a social justice warrior!

The Dark (And Smoky) Side Of Danish Bars

Danish bars are ridiculous. For such a progressive country, it’s stupid how they allow smoking in bars. The average ‘singles bar’ is a sausage party where you barely see the (limited amount of) women through the smoke.

That’s why, as interesting as Danish bars can be – because of the design, funky drinks, weird concepts – I don’t really advise you to go there and pick up girls. It’s much better to stick to clubs or lounges (the shisha lounge type of place).

If you have to go to Danish bars, make sure you’re going with a large group. This way you can make friends with other large groups and hopefully get some girls this way.

If not, at least you had a decent night with your friends. But for solo or ‘you + one wing man’ purposes, do yourself a favor. Don’t go to the bars.

Oh, and a side note: the drinks are super expensive! You are much better off pre-gaming at home.

Danish Girls: After The Deed

I kind of touched on this one already. Danish girls will hop into bed on the first date. It’s not controversial, it’s not even surprising when they do. If anything, their girlfriends will mock them if they don’t.

Good news for you, if all you want is a bit of fun. But what if you actually want to see the girl? I know I didn’t paint a pretty picture of Danish girls.

But really, Denmark has some beautiful women and some of them happen to also be charming.

If she doesn’t want to stay over, she will not stay over. Danish girls are not afraid of asserting their independence.

After all, their independence is a major part of their identity. Denmark is all about efficiency. Hook up-and-go if you will.

She Stays Over?

When a Danish girl stays over, that already means a lot.

(Side note: yes, I do appreciate the weirdness of this. Usually, you try to figure out if a girl likes you before you sleep with her. Not in Denmark, though)

So… the morning after?

If you met her at the club, you are probably hungover. The thing is, that doesn’t exactly help with romance. You can bring her to breakfast or, even better, order food to your house.

Trust me, she will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Sharing a cup of coffee together is pretty much the most romantic thing you can do after a night out.

On the other hand, if you chatted her up on the street (not unlikely), in a café, or online… Well, hopefully, you did not get blackout drunk on your first date. So when you wake up next to her the next morning:

  1. Neither of you has nausea or a throbbing headache
  2. It’s probably not Saturday/Sunday but a workday (Danish girls love to schedule dates during the week)

You could offer to grab a bite (and extend the whole thing into a lunch date).

Alternatively, if one of you has to work, at least walk her to her bus/tram stop. She will say it’s not necessary – emancipation and stuff, but she will appreciate the gesture.

The Bottom Line For These Scenarios

Danish girls approach dating backwards. There is no third date rule here. You go all in (no pun intended!) on the first date (well, semi-date, really) and take it from there.

Yes, this is the reason why this article is called the dark side of Danish girls. 

Like it or not, they are not exactly the sweet, shy, virginal type. If that’s what you like, you might have more luck in Asia or Eastern Europe.

The Four-Day Rule

While the third date rule is outdated in Denmark, there is another unwritten rule you should know about:

No contact for four days. 

After a date, no matter how far you got and even if you didn’t even touch hands, you have to wait four days before initiating contact. Danish girls live by that rule.

In my humble opinion, that’s because they are so obsessed with looking strong and independent. An independent woman has her own life. By not contacting you, she is showing you that you’re not that essential to her after all.

The four-day rule is not exclusive to Denmark. There are tons of girls that follow it in the US as well. The difference for Danish girls is that it carries additional significance.

Equal partnership is super important to them. By doing the whole four-day no contact thing, they are sort of ‘asserting dominance in the relationship’.

The best way to deal with all of this?

Play along!

You also wait four days before hitting her DM’s up. Once you do, you act fun and casual and leave her wondering whether you’ve been seeing other girls.

The point of the four-day rule is to show your potential partner that you don’t need them.

As crazy as that is, it’s a game for girls and guys alike. Equality, y’all!

Danish Girls: The Verdict

Here is the thing: I DO like Danish girls. Some of them are gorgeous (those Vikings had a great taste in women). Everybody is super liberated. You don’t have to deal with clinging or awkward situations.

On the flipside, you do have to deal with strong opinions and social justice warrior BS. Most Danish girls have grown up in a hyper-liberal society. They come with an innate sense of superiority.

Denmark is the most amazing place on Earth if you ask them, and every single country should do as Denmark does. They would make subtle remarks by your own home country, your lifestyle, and your views everywhere.

To top that all off, Danish girls are among the most promiscuous in Europe. They would jump in bed with anybody that they feel attracted to.

There is no seduction, no flirting, and no games. There is a certain satisfaction in getting what you want with no fuss…

But at the same time, dating Danish girls can be joyless and feel like the same thing over and over again. You meet up, go for drinks, chat for a bit, direct the conversation somewhere more taboo, go back to your place (or hers). It gets old.

If you’re looking for a relationship with a Danish woman, you might find that online… that’s your bet approach. The sad reality is, some Danes aren’t even doing relationships anymore. But there’s still plenty who do.

To every rule, there is an exception, of course. Go find it and report back your adventures!

Did we miss some top secret technique for getting Danish girls addicted to you? I highly doubt it but still, if I’m wrong, share your secrets ASAP. You’ll be helping out a lot of guys…

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