3 Perfect Destinations for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

If you are engaged to be married, then you no doubt already know about all the planning involved for the big day. The venue, the guest list, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the cake – the list seems endless.

But what about that all-important event before the wedding itself? Yes, we’re talking about the (in)famous bachelor and bachelorette party.

Although it may seem like a smaller task than the wedding itself, there is still a lot to prepare, starting with deciding on the perfect destination.

Depending on your age, budget, and general preferences, there are a variety of options to choose from. Read on for 3 suggestions to help you get started.

A far-away adventure

A bachelor or bachelorette party somewhere far and exotic may not be within everyone’s budget – but if you can stretch to it, it’s bound to be a holiday you and your guests will never forget.

So where could you go? Well, the planet is your oyster! The South American country of Costa Rica is a great vacation spot for anyone who loves hot weather, stunning landscapes, and aquatic sports.

A company such as volcano.cr can cater to all your watersports needs. It is at the foot of Arenal Volcano where your guests will have a chance to try out wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, and tubing, all against the backdrop of some of the most stunning views on the planet.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience – watersports can be enjoyed by people of all abilities, although it is usually recommended that you know how to swim in order to enjoy them to their full potential.

A European beach party

Based in the western Mediterranean, Ibiza is the smallest of the Balearic islands, but its reputation far exceeds its modest size.

If you’re a lover of dance music, beautiful sunsets, and endless sandy beaches, then Ibiza may be a good choice for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Ibiza has a range of hotels to fit all budgets, from basic youth hostels through to breathtaking 5* resorts.

The legendary White Isle effortlessly combines the eclectic culture and art you can enjoy in its capital, Eivissa (Ibiza Town) with the more hedonistic pursuits in its world-renowned nightclubs.


Every summer, Ibiza welcomes visitors from around the planet into its cosmopolitan arms, and wherever you come from you’re likely to feel at home on the island.

If you’re not into noisy late nights, you can also discover the more serene Ibiza in one of its meditation and yoga retreats.

A local day of fun

Perhaps the guests coming to your bachelor or bachelorette party are not keen on far-away travel, in which case a more local option may be something to consider.

The infamously described ‘Last Night of Freedom’ doesn’t have to be wild and, indeed, doesn’t have to take place at night.

A local day at the races, for example, can still offer all you need for a bit of fun and glamour while making memories with your friends before getting hitched.

For something less urban, camping can also be a fun way to spend the bachelor(ette) weekend.

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