A Complete Guide to Men from Estonia

If you want to get to know men from Estonia, this is the article you should read. I will cover here everything you need to know about Estonian men, from their physical appearance and personality to what to expect from them in a relationship and much more.

I have already shared some things about Estonian Women, but with this small country in the Baltics becoming more and more popular to travelers and digital nomads – and since not all of them are male – I decided to follow up with a guide to Estonian men.

So let’s get this started and learn everything there is to be known about men in and from Estonia!

The personality of men from Estonia

Polite Estonian Man

If you are wondering if men from Estonia are good to date, you need to know their ways and preferences.

Most men from Estonia are very reserved and rarely express their emotions – which might make them seem cold or at least not interested in you.

But this is not the case! They are simply a bit more reserved than their Western counterparts and will usually wait (sometimes a long time) before making a move. This is why it’s best to give them all the signs that you are interested in them to speed things up.

If you are unsure what to do - or even if you are already in a relationship with an Estonian man - this guide will help you a lot with understanding men and especially how to deal with them to make them undeniably yours. A MUST READ!

Back to men from Estonia, they also have something that might seem like a strange trait in the modern world: they are actually very polite and considerate. I don’t think there’s anybody who wouldn’t appreciate this, so prepare to be surprised and always feel like a lady when around them.

Men from Estonia are generally quiet and very reserved. Despite their aloofness, they treat foreigners with respect and are not hostile by any means. On the contrary – they are usually attracted to foreign women, especially if they seem a bit more exotic.

Either way, Estonians do not want to offend you so don’t expect them to be rude. They also like to be close to their families and friends and once you do get close to a man from Estonia, you’ll see that they’re really nice to be around.

Physical appearance of Estonian men

Physical appearance Estonian Man

This is probably the first thing that drew your attention: the amazing good looks of Estonian men. Yes, that is true, this nation has been blessed with a really nice physical appearance, so you won’t have many complaints in this area.

Men here are usually tall and look like a perfect mixture of Russians and Scandinavians. While you will see more dark-haired men than blonde ones, there is a solid variety here.

While they do not spend too much time worrying about what to wear – and they definitely dislike shopping – they also dress well and know how to dress up for special occasions (like the first date).

However, expect them to be more on the casual side when it comes to clothing. Cold and comfortable is usually the way to go for them, so expect to see most men here wearing jeans and a t-shirt, usually with a blazer on top because it’s usually colder in Estonia than it is in many other parts of the world.

And even though Estonians are blessed with a natural beauty, they also like to keep themselves in good shape. They are usually active and either going at the gym or spending a lot of time out in the open, hiking, walking or cycling.

Despite their initial appearance as being reserved and maybe even shy, they still like to consider themselves manly men, so they will be well built and generally careful about their looks.

How is an Estonian man in a relationship?

Estonian Man in relationships

If you are considering starting a relationship with an Estonian man, it’s important to always have in mind that these men are reserved at first.

At the same time, they take pride in their reliability and will hold grudges if you fail to meet your commitments. As a result, you need to be ready to be patient with them – and always assume that an open relationship is out of the question.

Fortunately, the Estonian male is also highly loyal to his wife or girlfriend when in a serious relationship, although he might be tempted to look left and right in the early stages of dating.

One of the cons of dating an Estonian man is that you will have to adapt to his culture and customs. While women in Estonia are more likely to be involved in business and in politics, the culture is still quite conservative.

You have to understand – as we’ve already touched in the article about the Estonian culture – that men in Estonia are still somewhat traditionalist and still consider the traditional family values as rules to follow today.

traditional Estonian man

This means that for most of them, the man is the head of the family – as well as the main provider. He could expect you to be the one who cooks and cleans and takes care of the child.

Fortunately, this mentality is starting to change in Estonia also – fueled by the plethora of strong and independent women that will no longer accept outdated thinking, but also the many foreigners that brought in Western and more modern values to the society.

But, I would still recommend to have a chat or at least observe his behavior as he might still have some older beliefs that you might not agree with.


Reserved and seemingly cold at first, the Estonian men proves to be a great partner to have in a long term relationship. You need to be a bit more patient at first (at least until they make the first move) but afterwards it should be smooth sailing.

Good looking, well educated and at least open to a more modern approach to relationships and family life, men in Estonia can offer pleasant surprises and have very few cons – none to be considered deal breakers, in my opinion.

If you have additional comments to make, don’t hesitate to do so by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below!

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